The last 3rd of October, I attended the most awaited #WWIM12_MyDubai for Instagram's 5th birthday (will blog about that next).

That same day, I happened to meet the amazing Australian-based photographer by the name of Jarrad SengHi, Jarrad! It was nice to meet you. He caught everyone's attention as his hair stands out amongst the crowd. Hey, it's longer than mine! I had to take a picture of his swag and hipster aroma (i say that because of the outfit). Every angle is just worth taking! Dude, did you go to a modeling class or something?

So enough about my assumptions. Let me introduce him further because you need to check out his amazing work.

(source) www.jarradseng.com

Aside from photography, he is also a filmmaker and creative director. Jarrad's work has been viewed by tens of millions worldwide and has featured on MTV, BBC1, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Channel V, Canon advertisements and Rolling Stone. He has been profiled in such publications as STM Magazine, The West Australian, and Scoop Magazine. Jarrad's award-winning images have been showcased in exhibitions at home and abroad.

With a thirst for adventure and a unique creative vision, Jarrad has a knack for pulling off crazy ideas. In recent year's he's hung out of open plane windows to shoot the aerial landscapes of Iceland, captured portraits of Maasai children in remote Tanzania, road-tripped around Europe with international bearded folk musicians and spent 24 hours straight pulling stunts to raise money for charity.

And just recently, he was on the 125th floor of Burj Khalifa.Dang, son.

Safe to say I took advantage of his presence and we did some crazy, glorious #ootd shots. Thanks to Instagrammers @boyintsik | @luckylaksmi | @talesandwaves | @kennethsurat |@iamjaydalida | @gibsterg who captured our crazy stunt. I guess that's how we said "glad to meet you" to each other; he let me pulled his hair.

#OOTD #WHATIMWEARING Hat Forever 21Top Forever 21Long sleeve Forever 21Pants (DIY RIPPED) Forever 21

His outfit is blog-worthy, so please tell me where you got that shirt and shoes. haha! Thanks heaps for the stunt and I hope you're enjoying Dubai, Mate. Looking forward to more crazy rooftop, mountain, waterfall shots from you.

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