To those who are celebrating this special day, Happy Thanksgiving! ✨

I know there are things to be thankful for every day but I would like to take this moment to stop, breathe, and reflect on both small and big miracles I probably forget to be grateful for because of the challenges I face in life.

T H E  B I G  A N D  S M A L L  T H I N G S

1. God's love. 
Without Him, I am nothing. Without His grace, I am nowhere to be found. I can be unfaithful at times but God has always been faithful to me. He pulls me back closer to Him when the drift of human nature hits me hard.

2. Family. 
I'm so grateful that we get to spend our days together every single day. It's all by the grace of God, really. Living in the UAE for 20 years is no joke, especially when you really don't get anything from the government.  God has sustained us in an unimaginable way, and I'm happy the stick together like Filipino rice.

3. Health.
Not everyone gets to do what they love freely because of health issues and sickness — may it be minor or major illness, and it's really saddening. I just pray that experts find medication for all the sickness this world offers.

4. Education. 
I used to say, "Ugh, I'm not gonna use this when I work. Why do I have to study this?" Now, I'm glad that I did study and pushed through finishing my degree. 

5. I get to do what I love. 
I've been exposed to the corporate world since I was 17 years old, and I can say I have a pretty great experience working with different companies like Adidas, Reebok, Emirates NBD, Bounce, and SOSHL. I learned so much but I got tired along the way and I've always thought of doing something big, and I am now. It might not be big for some people, but doing what I love the most is my gem. 

6. Friends [ Spiritual Family ]. 
Cheers to fellowshipping with other believers! I am blessed to have people who pray for me, correct me, equip, me, empower me, and push me to really be more in tune with God. It's amazing to do life with them and I can only do the same thing back. They bring so much positivity in life and they are a reminder of God's companionship here on Earth.

7. Friends [ Blogging Community ]. 
I don't often get the chance to say thank you to them, so thank you! Thank you for opening my eyes and sharing the same passion with me. You opened my world of creativity! 

8. The word "No".
Life taught me to master the art of saying 'No'.  I always think and pray before I react. I'm not perfect, but at least I try.
No to negative things.
No to negative people.
No to underestimating myself.
No to insecurities.
No to worries.
No to mediocrity.

9. Creative Platform — Blog, Vlog, and Social Media.
It's been 3 years since I pursued this passion and it just gets better and better in the sense where I am learning so much on every collaboration and project that I do. I sometimes underestimate my capacity to be creative but I surprise myself when I deliver things and my clients are happy. I never really saw this coming; earning money out of blogging and social media? but I'm here and I'm so thankful for that. When passion is real, nothing can stop you!

10. Julian.
When God told me I just have to wait because he's gonna give me the best, He really meant the very best. I don't know how my fiancé can keep up with my extremes. I get tired of myself sometimes but Julian is always there; he's holding me tight. Aside from grace of God, I was only able to stand this distance because of him. Our communication never faltered. Oh, the way Julian loves me is just crazy.
Thank you, Hunnie.  I love you so much.

11. Dragon fruit
Thank you for helping me balance my food intake. I've been trying to lose weight and whenever I'm hungry, I substitute my meals with a dragon fruit.

12. Weather. 
It's getting so much better now and all I wanna do is to take advantage of it. We don't know how long this will last so better make the most out of this "winter".

13. Skincare. 
I'm not getting any younger so anything that would make my skin healthy is a yes for me!

14. PR Packages. 
It makes me really happy when the bell rings and a package arrives. I'm thankful for the trust these brands are giving me.

15. Equipping books. 
I appreciate Lisa Bevere the most

16. Travel. 
I'm thankful that I get to travel with the money I get from my freelance job. I visited two countries this year and that's more than my bucket list.

17. Skype. 
Skype has been our best communication platform and I'm glad that our skype is still alive in kicking. We are on skype 24/7; imagine if it shuts down permanently. 

18. Breakfast. 
I didn't really see the importance of breakfast until I cut down my carbs. It is indeed the most important meal because it keeps you fueled the whole day. Thank you cereals, broccoli, and eggs.

19. Online Shopping. 
I barely go to the mall and shop because online shopping is so much better. Ya feel me?

20. Macbook Air. 
As much as this laptop slows down when I have multiple tabs open, it sticks like glue to me. Without this laptop, there is no www.marjanne.co

21. Microblading. 
I'm saving so much time now whenever I put makeup because my brows are the last thing I have to worry about. Thanks to Brows Studio Dubai for saving my precious time.

22. Go Movies and Netflix.
What happens when you work from home? unlimited movie time. I'm loaded with series' to watch and I just recently saw Gifted and Nerve. 

23. Christian songs. 
Ahhhh, it gets my mood from 0 to 100 real quick. I'm so emotional so I instantly cry whenever the holy spirit comes through. Then, I'll be okay. If it's a bad day, I know I'll be okay. haha.

24. Squarespace. 
If you guys don't know already, I moved from Wordpress to Squarespace and it made blogging so much easier. I'm thankful for all the tutorials and help I get from them directly. You're amazing, Squarespace.

L A S T,  B U T  N O T  T H E  L E A S T . . .

You guys.
To everyone who supports me in this journey called life whether it's my personal, on my platform, or just simply watching me from a distance (okay, that's creepy), thank you for being here. Thank you for reminding me that I get to encourage and inspire people even with the little things I do. Thank you for always rooting for me and sticking around even at my lowest. I appreciate that you guys love my flaws, and you respect my views in life. You guys are my inspiration, too.