Hi, guys! Good evening here in the UAE.

I was once a member of Fitness First, and working out in their gym is probably one of the most motivating programs for losing weight. Not because you are called a “gym member” but because of meeting new friends and trainers who help you grind your day for a healthier self x the machines are superb, not gonna lie.

Perks of working with Emirates NBD back then, I had a platinum membership, so I get to go to all their branches, try classes and programs that I haven’t even heard of before. I used to do all kinds of yoga (power, gentle, swing), pilates, les mills (body combat, body balance, body attack) and of course, Zumba.

A personal trainer named KK helped me balance my BMI. Weighing 48 kgs, he told me that I was overweight for my height. WHAAAAT. Heck no! so I trained hard to tone my thighs, arms, and strengthen my core. It was a success even though I was waking up in the middle of the night having cramps, and going down the stairs as if I got beaten up by a fraternity or something haha. Went to the Philippines... came back and transferred to another branch (closer to where I work), and trained by a guy named JOSE. Things got serious because he pushed me to focus on my cardio. by that, he meant boxing. The rest is history.

Then I started working at Bounce Middle East, and since 10 minutes of bouncing is equal to 30 minutes of running, I decided to transfer my membership to a good friend who now lost so much weight! So proud of Him. And days, months went by ’til the day I fracture my right foot. (long story will share next time)

NO WORKOUT, NO HEAVY ACTIVITIES, NO STANDING OR WALKING FOR MORE THAN 3 HOURS, NO HEELS.This was basically my life 'til I recover. No heavy load for 5 months sucked. Until the day I resigned, and somehow recovered from my injury.


Here’s the main topic. Haha. I work out at home with my yoga mat and I'll share some tips & apps that push me to stay healthy every day. (clickable)

  • BLOGILATES. I’m not sure if you know her, but Cassie Ho is amazing. All her workout videos from head to toe is on point. You’ll never feel alone when you watch her vlogs because of her witty stories while doing sit-ups and reverse crunches. Check her out here. Follow her on Instagram and twitter too.
  • JILLIAN MICHAELS (App). Do you know The Biggest Loser? Yes, that’s her. I don’t think I have to elaborate how toned she is, and how strict she is. But man, her app drives you to breathe in and out to finish the workout you started.
  • FitStar (App). Basic workouts that does not feel basic at all. You can go premium too for more options. It shows you how much you’ve lost and tracks down your workout (you have to be honest obviously).
  • Steps (App). Simple like the name, it counts your step. 10000 steps per day and you’re losing calories already.

These are my workout remedy whenever I'm at home along with a strong reminder that it’s not just about working out but eating healthy. Not eating at all is bad. They say it’s 20% junk, 80% healthy. Though I really can’t follow that rule, I make sure I balance what I eat every day.

  • Lemon. I put lemon in my hot/cold water. It helps you detoxify all the junk inside that intestine. Put mint leaves to add flavor.
  • Fruits. Yummmm! Banana, apple, oranges, blueberries, and strawberries.
  • Veggies. 
  • Eggs. 
  • Green Juice. I don’t always do this but it’s the best alternative for sodas and preservatives. Follow Benji, click here for his healthy eats and green juices.

Hope this help, guys! Stay healthy. EAT HEALTHY, PRAY EVERYDAY, LOVE ALWAYS.