Once upon a time... (Disney feels) It was early 2013 when I i saw Julian's Instagram. There were no selfies (thank God he's not that type of guy,phew!) so I'm not really sure how he looks like. All i know is that he is Jorge's twin, and they are fraternal so they don't really look the same.

I started liking his photos. It might not be a nice photoset for others, but i really liked his feed. I think the bible verses helped a lot haha.


Photo was taken by Angelo Melo

Me: Stuck on your page bro, great feed!Julian: Thank you so much!

Moving on... I would like his photos and vice versa. Can't deny his photos we're getting better and better every time he posts and the bible verses were always on point. We continued to like/comment on each other's photos and it came to a point where he was uploading photos on my timezone to make sure i'd like them (ha! he told me that!). He commented on my Starbucks coffee that says "Marica" telling me it's a bad word. And also, since I've always wondered how looked like, he posted a selfie too. I did kinda feel shy conversing with him through Instagram so i would ignore most of his comments. The liking/commenting lasted for about a month and a half, then it stopped.


Photo was taken by Angelo Melo

Fast forward after 2 years...

I dreamt of him. It was very clear that I was prompted to share it because there was a word from God. Take note, we never had a proper conversation. So there I go opening instagram's direct message:

Me: Hey Julian! How's everything. I dreamt of you (blablabla)Julian: Hey Marj! Everything is good. Thanks for that! It is very timely... (blablabla)

It was just 3-5 exchange of convos because he ended it up really quick (i think it was almost 3am in the USA). After a week, i saw him upload a photo and i messaged him asking how things are now from our last talk. He updated me, this and that, and ended the conversation again. It felt like he didn't wanna talk, or he was busy, or i don't know. So... i just let him be. I didn't message after that. My purpose was to only share my dreams anyway so i had no rights to feel rejected. haha!

After eight days (i think. possibly more), he messaged me on Instagram! Wow, that's new.

Julian: Hey Marj, this may be a little random but (please let me know if I'm wrong) lol but i kind of get the feeling that you think i don't like talking to you or that I try to avoid conversations with you and if that's so I apologize for that. I don't want you to think I'm a jerk or anything. If not, then never mind lol just making sure. I swear I hate that "lol".

I did reply that I kinda sense that but it was totally fine with me and I don't require him anything and that everything was cool. He said that it was not his season to catch feelings for a girl, he was not trying to be rude, i probably just wanted to talk and he apologize for that. I told him that even I was not seeking for anything more than friendship and it's always best to guard our hearts. And this time, i was the one who ended the conversation! Then, here's the funny part; i blocked him on twitter, and never spoke to him again. Main reason is i was also guarding my heart and i didn't want him to misunderstand me (and partly hurt that he thought that and ignored me the first time) haha!

April 20 2015, I was off to my volleyball practice and I saw a notification on my snapchat. He added me. I wondered how he found my snapchat when he was blocked everywhere. Stalkeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr alert!

Me: I didn't know you're on snapchat Julian: Haha yeah i don't use this much.

He messaged me that night and we talked everyday (well not everyday, but almost everyday). First, it was mainly collaborating with editing pictures/editing my YouTube signature. Then we started getting to know each other on snapchat until it gave up on us (it was its way of saying we have to move on imessage probably).

We started liking each other but we did not jump into it just like that. We fasted separately many times, prayed for God's will, and up til now we continue to seek God in our everyday life. That's when i knew that it was love. It wasn't just love, but there was peace. 

January 18, 2016. We became official. Before that, He let his leader know and asked for my parents' blessing. I let my leader know as well. This way, we are honoring the people who are accountable to us and trust me, it was one of the best feeling.

There you have it. At this point, i still grow more in love with him. Not just the way he loves me, but mostly the way he lives his life and the way he loves God. It's crazy!

Jesus does works in amazing ways. Like what Luke Lezon said, "He is not limited by distance, His love bridged the gap from the USA to Dubai. He is not afraid to use unorthodox ways to connect His people, He did it for us through social media. He also understands the desires of our hearts."

There was a season where i was more interested in dating rather than sharing relationship with my God. But I had my breaking point and when I encountered Him again, he renewed everything. I stopped desiring what the world offers, and stop making myself unhappy. I started seeking God more, and took a stand to honor my parents (especially in the dating part because i never really got a chance to do that). He knows the desire of my heart, and He gave me more than that. Not to brag but, I am Julian's first girlfriend because he waited. I could not brag the same, but i am definitely committing to loving him the way God wants him to be loved. I repeat, He gave more than the desires of my heart because i seek him first and everything followed.

Even though we haven't met yet, you taught me so much about love. That it's more than the physical but our connection in distance.

I believe that I didn't just find Julian. Yes, maybe i found him on social media but I would've not fallen in love with him if I never saw and witness how he shares his faith. We were both seeking God first, and we first both love God first.

Why am I writing this? Not to keep your hopes up that you might find a guy/girl on social media, no! We all have different stories where God placed us according to His will. Put Him above all things because his plans are always good, pleasing, and perfect. His plan is to prosper us and not to harm us. to give us hope and a future.

See you in May, Love?