If you know our story, you know that it has been a challenging year for us. After we got approved of the K1 Visa, everything felt so rushed and I had to leave the UAE after 13 days. The moment I set foot in America, it was nothing but paperworks for our marriage as we were only given 90 days to get married (fiancé visa blog here). We found ourselves planning for the wedding a month after that and it only gave us 45 days to actually plan everything. 45 days! Can you believe that? But we managed to pull it off with the help of a lot of amazing people and with God’s grace of course which I promise I’ll be writing on the next blog once our wedding video is ready.

With all the little stress balls and thinking, we both agreed we wanted peace and quiet for our honeymoon. We wanted something that will reset us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Getaway House happened. It was one of the best gifts we’ve ever received when they hosted our 3 days and 2 nights honeymoon located at the heart of Shenandoah, Virginia. We got this news a week before our wedding and it was a honeymoon come true for us!

After the wedding, we found ourselves packing for the trip and last-minute grocery shopping for the extra food we needed and snacks we needed on the way. So here’s how it went:


Getaway House are little cabins located less than 2 hours away on your nearest post (New York, Boston, and DC). Since we live in Maryland, our closest outpost was DC and we were only given our exact location (with a map attached) few days before our trip and the name of our cabin and its code the morning of our booking. Wasn’t that exciting? They also sent us a Spotify playlist to make sure we stayed awake during the drive and obviously tap into our inner singers.


We parked our car at the designated parking and carried our bags to our cabin named “Viola”. Julian and I looked at each other with a smile because it was the most beautiful and peaceful thing we’ve ever imagined. The cabins were designed to be called “home” and it got every basic essentials you need: the bed, mini kitchen with cooking essentials with provisions you can buy no more than $10 (see more here), the bathroom, fire pit, picnic tables, books to read, games to play, and the land of course. The cabin is run by a generator so you won’t have to worry about running out of water (it’s drinkable too) and losing electricity. We got inside our cabin and found a sweet letter from the team including a smores treat and a not that we were only allowed to open before we check out.


Our first morning, we spent it thanking God for this new chapter in our lives and reflected on what the past year has thought us individually and as a couple. It was the most honest and vulnerable conversation yet so real because it was only us two, in a tiny quiet room. Phone reception is weak so it was really a perfect getaway from the fast phase of social media which is our main source of work. We cooked our first breakfast together, made our coffee, ate at our picnic table, and talked more. Since there were a lot of trails provided, we walked and explored the area and I was honestly a little relieved that there were other cabins not far from where we were. It’s good to have peace and quiet, but it’s good to have few company especially in the middle of nowhere. haha.

Later that afternoon, we started lighting our bonfire to cook dinner and eat our smores ofcourse! It was scary to sit in a pitch black place surrounded by just trees and woods but it was peaceful at the same time. Have you ever had that feeling? It was fun until mosquitos started feasting on us so we decided to go inside our cabin and continue our life conversations over wine, bread, and brie with a set of questions about life that was provided by Getaway. It really got to me because I cried most of the times recalling my past life, imagining our future life together, and treasuring the present.


It’s always the little things that matters the most. Julian thought me so much about love that I just want to give back more and more. It’s definitely the realest when someone loves God above all else, because everything else follows. Our little getaway made me value our relationship all the more. It made me realize that I cannot live without him, I’m falling inlove with him everyday, and we are better together, in happiness and ugly arguments. I woke up that morning and I realize that I have my physical forever by my side.

It was not fancy nor extravagant, nor loud and busy, but it was the honeymoon we’ve always wanted and more. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you so much Getaway House for being a big part of our journey! We’ll be back before you know it… maybe on my birthday this November. ;)