The last 31st of July, I decided to quit my job. Not that you guys don't know that yet (i announced it on social media) but the reason I'm writing this is to share with you how this affected my life and what I'm learning out of it.

So what's happening now...

Why did I quit my job?

It wasn't because I finally got tired of traveling 2 hours every day to reach work or I wasn't happy or growing. I was actually living the dream! I was a Social Media Manager/Content Director at my previous job, that's like a big sweet cake for a blogger like me. I quit because I had a vision.

What was I thinking?

Now that I'm getting married and will soon be moving to the USA, is this something that I wanna do till my fiance visa petition gets approved? No. Julian knew that I wanted to quit because I wanna pursue a more personal life focused on my passion and I'm so blessed that he's been my support system from praying and fasting together to being a reminder of God's love.

I want to pursue blogging and start a business together with Julian and I can't do that if a 9-5 job restricts me because obviously, it was the priority. I've been working with a lot of brands/companies as a freelancer and I'm more than grateful to these people who trust my work and passion. "Wait, Marj, you wanna trade a permanent job that pays you monthly to freelancing uncertainty? you're kidding right?" — me talking to myself.

People said it wasn't a great decision to quit my job months before getting married because a monthly income would definitely support the wedding and my future life. Julian says otherwise. Julian said, "I'm not worried about money. We have a big God! God will always provide. For me, as long as you pursue your passion and you are happy, God will honor your heart. Ask God and you shall receive. Wherever God leads your decision, I'm here." ♥️

So when I quit my job, my boss supported my decision. On my last day, he sent me a text message saying,

Thanks for all the hard work Marj. Always remember that you have the raw talent that cannot be taught, trained, or replaced. And that will be your key to continued success in your career. We can always train people to perform well. But your talent was natural.

I cried and I prayed, "thank you for the peace, Lord." I was anxious because I don't know what's gonna happen if I quit, but God honored the desires of my heart. And with that answered prayer, he brought peace, he opened heaven, and he poured super natural blessings!

What am I doing now?

Like what I said, it's been a month now since I fully started working for brands/companies as a freelancer. At first, I thought it was not going to work because hello, there were many agencies and freelancers who offer the same work as I did, but God provided.

  1. I get a good amount of paid collaborations both from new brands who contact me and the old brands I've built relationships with. Listen, I'm not bragging here. I've said this before but let me say it again, one thing I learned about blogging, your gem is your "time". I learned to stand my ground and choose who really values my worth in this industry. I don't get persuaded with "We love your account" anymore. Trust me, you'll end up as a free photographer. Don't get me wrong, I still consider clients who offer barter when I know it still represents my lifestyle. And half of the things I unbox on my instastory is from my own pocket. I don't want my platform to look like a supermarket if you know what I mean. Also, I still keep my personal life like posts like this because that's the reason why I first started anyway, passion. But when brands have the A-Z list of things they want from you and want you to exert 200% effort, time, work quality for free, girl, flee. You don't wanna work for free stuff.
  2. I work with different brands/companies as a freelance Social Media Manager/Content Creator. - I got the return of interests from the brands/companies I reached out to and they are my clients now. - My work was passed from one brand to another and I got introduced to a wider pool of clients. - To my surprise, people are actually clicking that "email" button on Instagram inquiring of the same service.

Basically, these 2 points are my source of income right now. It's not easy. Some weeks, it's super quiet like I wanna regret my decision, but some weeks are loaded and I regret complaining. It's not a regular monthly income, but I'm genuinely happy and humbled by these experiences. 😭

I'll tell you a little story. I was skipping "generosity" on my daily devotion because my reason was, "I don't have a stable job so I don't know how I will practice generosity, God." Generosity was a 3-day quiet time so for short, I skipped those days. Days after that, God spoke to me about "giving" on the spot. First one was at Jollibee when this guy didn't have money for his meal. The second was when a friend needed money. The third was just a loud voice that said, "GIVE." I'm not at all a stingy person when I have money, but it was different that time. I was bargaining with God and I told him, what's gonna be left for me when I give this? I don't even have an upcoming freelance work. But I obeyed and gave anyway. Did you know what happened after that? God returned the blessings I released in ways I would never imagine. More than the return of blessings, "obedience" struck me hard.

How is this going to affect my future? They say freelancing is a risk. I'd say it's a risk when you do it without a vision and a goal.

Vision and Goal ✔️

  • to be a blogger turned entrepreneur I am now sourcing resources for my personal business, learning about taxes, shippings, import/exports, etc. It's slowly coming along and if it's God's will, it's gonna come to pass!
  • start a business with Julian in the same field Julian and I are in the process of writing the business' portfolio and contracts. We are so excited!
  • to be used by God mightily to advance his Kingdom wherever He leads us. Everything that Julian and I are doing right now, is a part of a bigger vision we have and a promise God gave us.

We are considering all these while planning for our wedding and future together because we are driven like that! Haha! I don't want a future where I would wonder where to get money for our groceries or be in debt because we are slacking. I don't wanna wake up in the morning thinking "what am I gonna do today?". I wanna wake up "This is what we're going to do today!" with enthusiasm. I do not want to come to a point where we can't plan a family YET because we are restricted financially. I can't expect to be stable when my day consists of waking up late and doing nothing right?

I strongly believe that whatever season we are in right now, it's a big part of God's plan for us. I am honoring this season I'm in because God brought me here, and He will bring me through it. Everything that I have and I do right now, I give it all back to God. Many are the plans of a man's heart, but God's plan will prevail. I don't want a promotion in life if it's not God who's giving it. Julian and I pray for a life built in God's sovereignty.

Right now, include us in your prayers as we wait for this Fiance Visa Petition. It's taking forever, but we are trusting God all the more. 🙏🏻

Thank you for reading this personal post. I hope this inspired or encouraged you and got a thing or two. May God bless you! ✨