No doubt, 2018 was my best year so far. I got my fiancé visa approved, and a month later, I left Dubai with a one-way ticket and I married the love of my life! Though it wasn’t always on the highs because I had to leave lots of special people in my life but the distance makes my heart grow fonder of their love. 2018 was such an amazing year for me and Julian seeing the desires of our hearts come to pass.

Recalling the past year made me realize that I will be practicing this word for the New Year: GENEROSITY.

Through the ups and downs, God never failed to provide for us and we are so humbled to have become an extension of blessings to others as well. I do not see the right for us to withhold blessings from others when God has given us so much. So this year, I will practice generosity all the more.

Be more generous in love.
I’ve always thought that I was a loving person, but seeing how this world has become, I am more challenged to extend love in a much more meaningful way. It’s so easy for me to get caught up with frustration that I choose to exude hate, but I have to realize that each and every person goes through tough times and love is what they need. It’s hard, that’s a hundred percent, but I am not going to lose anything if I choose to love more.

Be more generous in time.
I know having an alone time is one of the best relaxation method but this year, I want to be more giving with my time to other people and things. The past year made me realize that time flies so fast and people won’t be around me 24/7. Sometimes, I regret not spending more time with other people because I chose to be in my comfort zone.

Be more generous in words.
I have a habit of letting my thoughts stay in my head even when I know that it could be an encouragement to someone. I’m challenging myself this year to be more active in complementing people, talking to people, sharing life stories, and sharing God’s word. Words are powerful and as a matter of fact, they are also life-changing. I want to be a small part of changed lives because of the encouraging words I shared.

Be more generous.
I am not a stingy person. But there are times that I think I only gave when I want, and not when I can. This year, I want to be more giving and be channel of blessing in every area that I can. God has promised Julian and I that we will never lack and in that security, I know that Him blessing us is not keeping it just for us but extending it to others.

It’s just Day 1 of 2019 but we are hopeful and positive that this year is going to overflow not only for us, but also for you. This year is going to be supernatural in so many ways and we are already claiming victory. And I pray that this year, we make a deeper mark in this world.

Let’s do this, 2019. ✨