Since Valentines Day is coming up, I thought I'd write a post about my Fiancé. Well, I've been meaning to write about it by I figured I'd wait till our 1st Anniversary as a couple which we celebrated last 18th of January. Julian is an amazing guy. He's more than what I prayed for. No, he's not perfect like all the guys out there but he's unique in his own ways. Aside from being handsome,😛 I can use thousands of adjectives to describe him and I'm oh-so-grateful and privileged to do life with him. Just thinking about marrying him soon makes my heart all giddy! 😍

In this post, I want to highlight some random things/facts about Julianthat you probably don't know yet. I will try to squeeze it to 14 points ( because Valentine's)— yep, that's the only reason. Haha!

1. I was his first girlfriend. 

He told me that he didn't crave for relationships. He knows that stepping into a relationship means moving forward to marriage so he always treasured the "heart" department. He even told me that growing up with Angelo is like being in a relationship already.

2. He has a twin brother. 

Fraternal twin named Jorge. Yes, you're right, they don't look the same.

3. He is from Colombia.

Nope, he's not Spanish, he is Hispanic. I'll tell you a short story, I thought he was Mexican because he speaks Spanish.  So dumb, right? 😂 He said it's like him telling me I'm Chinese because I'm Asian.

4. He plays the electric guitar and keyboard.

You should hear him play, it's so addicting! He would always play the keyboard or guitar over skype to help me fall asleep.

5. He is a wedding photographer/videographer.

Julian film weddings for a living. He knows the ins and outs of weddings so I'm pretty secure of his ideas for our wedding! haha.

6. He brushes his teeth immediately after waking up.

He waits for at least an hour after brushing his teeth so he can eat breakfast. Kinda weird for me because I usually gargle water in the morning, eat breakfast, then brush my teeth. 🤔 What about you guys?

7. He loves rice & eggs, and chocolate.

He eats rice and eggs almost every day. Plus, he eats chocolate like he's never gonna have one the next day.

8. He got Rubik's cube skills.

Julian can solve a Rubik's cube under 2 minutes. Well me too! Cash me outside, how bow dah? 😏

9. His sport is Soccer. ⚽️

I can't wait to watch him play in person already! He's the goalie and he's doing such a great job. They had a game last night and they won 3-2. Yay!

10. He's a funny guy.

I have to admit, he makes me laugh every day. Sometimes I try to hide it when he cracks corny jokes and tell him, "You're not funny!" but I'm giggling on the inside.

11. He's very gentle.

Up until today, he never gets mad at me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, really. He is always composed. Like how?

12. He is very patient. 

You guys have no idea how he handles me when I'm on beast mode. He knows how to calm me down and make me smile (even if I'm cold-hearted most of the times). Sometimes, I don't make sense anymore and my actions are just below the belt but his patience for me is just crazy. He loves me at my best days but he holds me tighter in my worst ones.

13. He disciplines me.

Yes, he loves me but he does not tolerate me. He knows when to correct me and it hurts because I know he is right. When I try to be hard-headed, he always reminds me of how God wants me to act.

14. He loves the Lord.

More than anything, it is his faith and fear of the Lord that got me attracted to him. He didn't grow up partying and enjoying vices. Julian's dwelling place is God, and that's something that I treasure because I know that love and security he's giving me is the overflow of his love for the Lord. If it was just the two of us driving this relationship, we'd sink. A man who puts God in the center of his life is not easily shaken. Whenever I hear him pray and I hear him worship, my heart skips a beat.

This is for you, Hunnie. I love you and Happy Valentine's Day. I can't wait to marry you.


photos by: Angelo Melo