Day two in New York City was probably our busiest day yet. The day was dedicated to Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan area because those were the closest areas to our hotel. We left our hotel around 9:30 in the morning and we strategized our time because we had to check out at 1 PM to move to our next hotel in Queens.


People say it’s a must to visit Dumbo when you visit New York. It’s the landmark that you don’t wanna miss but it was also the landmark that took us a while to admire because of the amount of tourists taking pictures in the area, including us. Julian and I do not have one decent picture together because the reality is, you can’t just really take a picture with no people behind you. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that we took the funniest picture of a couple behind us.



After almost an hour, we decided to leave Dumbo and made our way to the very famous Brooklyn Bridge. By this time, I was convinced that we were taking the tourist route and accepted the fact that there would be plenty of people wherever we would go. We also had our first meal of the day (street hotdog that cost $8) before we walked up the bridge. It looked like it was an easy walk to the up there but the “instagrammable” part was actually 15 extra minutes walk away from the edge so we had to walk more. We didn’t really take a lot of pictures because of how crowded the place was and just decided to admire the view and people watch.


Right after Brooklyn Bridge, we walked back to our hotel in Brooklyn to check out and took an Uber to our next hotel The Boro Hotel which I will be posting on a separate blog. We quickly freshened up and changed clothes and made our way to Lower Manhattan to visit Glossier but unfortunately, the showroom was closed for a bigger flagship store that will be re-opening the next day, so we walked around the area and saw China Town, Little Italy, cute cafes like Pietro Nolita, The Butcher’s Daughter, and ended up having lunch at Dante’s. We also tried Taiyaki while walking around SoHo. I saw lots of shops that could honestly break the bank but I was so happy that I was able to control myself and only spent at Dr. Martens for the boots that I’ve been looking for a while! We ended the night in Times Square yet again and tried the $1 Pizza and more hotdogs because who says no to Times Square?