First of all, What is SkinnyMint? "We are the World’s Largest and original 2 Step Teatox Program. Our 28 Day Program is expertly formulated with all natural high-performing ingredients that are designed to increase energy and naturally cleanse the body. Our tea blends are made from a unique formula which are completely natural and packed with antioxidants which are super good for you." sourced from :

28 days ago, I started using my SkinnyMint Teatox along with my daily routine. I am very much attached to coffee, sweets, and fast-foods (dang! who isn't?) and it was already challenging just having a thought of giving it up. I am proud to say that 95% of the time, I substituted my coffee for my morning boost.

Morning Boost.The first teatox packet for the morning routine. It was definitely a kick-starter to my day. It literally wakes me up early, gives me energy, and does not let me keep hitting the snooze button. Tastes fresh, fruity and delicious. One more thing I've noticed is that it kept me away from sodas. I barely drink fizzies but morning boost totally takes the craving away.

I usually drink it hot but when I have time, I make it ice cold. Main ingredients: Green tea, Yerba Mate, Guarana and Nettle leaves


Moving on to the second packet which is Night Cleanse. Unlike the morning boost, this tea is for every other night during teatox-ing. It is made to naturally cleanse the body and calm the mind. In my experience, it relaxes me and puts me to sleep really fast. Also, note that it has a mild laxative effect. I drink it before going to bed and when I don't have plans the next morning because I will surely hug the throne.

I usually drink it with a slice of lemon & raw honey. Main ingredients: Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium husk




What else is included?

I got a calendar with motivational quotes and exercise routines that I can apply during the program. There are also some tips on how to get the best results, what not to eat, and what clean eating snacks they recommend to eat.

WALK HOME.  Well I work in Dubai and it will take me forever to get home. I don't love walking to be honest, but whenever I'm near the area I try my best to walk rather than take a cab. I'm not sure if I can still do that during this summer season.

SWAP WHITE FOR BROWN.  I now eat protein bread that tastes like peanut butter. I barely eat rice! But I can't say no to it when there are occasions. Haha!

START EACH MEAL WITH A GLASS OF WATER.  Yes. This makes me feel less-bloated.

HAVE AN EARLY DINNER.  I barely eat dinner. I usually just munch on bread or snacks.

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Okay, here's the most awaited part: Results! How's my body now? Did I lose weight? Do I feel better?

I'll be brutally honest here because I don't want to give false information.

SkinnyMint is NOT a weightloss tea. But, it is definitely a booster to start your morning right, work-out, and eat healthy. I missed the "work out" part. I've been very busy last month and time did not allow me to go to the gym. So if you are looking for a before and after picture, I won't post any because my body looks the same.

About me, I might not have loss weight but I now p**p regularly and eat healthier than before. I wake up feeling energized. I definitely feel a lot better! To conclude the 28 days, it helped me position myself to balance my eating and prepare it for the next round.

Yes! I'm doing it again. This time, with full-on workout! You read that right, and to surely commit to that, I will be partnering with a gym here in Dubai for 28 days and you guys will be my witness. Haha! I got no excuse to not post a before & after pic now, don't I? Follow me on snapchat BOHOWANDERS and instagram MARJANNE.PH

If you want to see genuine results of SkinnyMint users, click here and be inspired.

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Disclosure: The product in this article is sponsored by SkinnyMint but all opinions and experiences are mine alone.