Hola humans! How’s everyone doing?

Let me introduce you Thalia and Marielle of The Double ThreadsIn an instant, I knew they were soul-sisters. They share the same thoughts and knowledge about almost everything the main reason why it wasn’t hard to connect to both of them. With that said, we came up with this palette, displaying the neutral toned outfits perfect for the summer feels.

Marielle (outfit one).  Wearing a cotton gray dress with a cross-over detailing in front paired with a subtle denim jacket. Super feminine yet edgy in style with them gray heels. What more can you ask for?

IMG_0594 Marielle (outfit two). Wearing a crop top that fits snug and dark high waisted jeans for any occasion may it be a  fine dinner or a night life. The sassy effect of those skinny jeans hugging her long legs is definitely on point. Definitely living the ANTM aura. You go gurl! 


Thalia (outfit one). Wearing a soft, white button down blouse that accents comfy dark denim shorts. Talking about “neutrals”, she added a chocolate brown belt, this beautifully crafted deep brown leather backpack and tan platform sandals that all maintain subtle gold details that are just casually classy.


Thalia (outfit two). Giving a bolder color palette whilst still holding onto the neutral concept. Wearing a plain white T-shirt with some comfy muted olive green shorts. And in absolute beauty, the long cardigan in Marsala shade gave that “queenB” effect which is thin enough to be worn comfortably in the humid evenings.

In Thalia’s own words, "I’m wrapping up my whole look with my tan platform heels because everyone knows nude, skin-tone colored shoes elongate your legs and, well, I’m short. So, do the math. Hahaha"

#shortgirlproblems; I feel you sister. Definitely copping some skin-tone colored shoes the next time I shop.


Yours truly (outfit one). Loving the denim lately, paired my chambray boyfriend style blazer with a DIY “mama-pants-to-ripped-shorts” and a very simple dainty necklace to sum up the chill after-work look. This shade of blue definitely lightens my skin color. Hey! I'm proud to be brown but it’s also nice to look fair once in a while. hahaha.

As you can see, I’m wearing my favorite pair of heels at the moment. Actually, I don’t have a choice because this is the only pair that clutches my fractured ankle. Nevertheless, it still looks elegant.

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Yours truly (outfit two). Is it because I've been working for 4 years now or I’m just really old? I just noticed that I'm currently into office attires and classy collaborates. 

This look portrays the most ‘comfiest’ outfit. a loose top x beige joggers; I woke up like this feels! As someone who always wears dark-toned palette (BLACK OKAY), cream and beige are not bad at all. And guess what, that’s a walking FOREVER 21 right there. wink*

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and fell in love with Thalia and Marielle like I did. Aren’t they a beauty? I admire their passion for fashion at their young age, and imagine 5 years from now... whoa! What they’ll offer in fashion is gonna be grand! You can check them out at www.thedoublethreads.wordpress.com and @thedoublethreads

Let me know what you guys think about this palette. Comment below and share your thoughts.