Another month has flown by and I am obviously 10 days late. I was doing overtimes and back to back events happened the whole week last week the reason why I didn't even get the chance to film my Thrift Haul. I feel like I abandoned my YT Channel but I promise to get back in track this week. I'm back with round up of products and happenings I loved all throughout the month of March. Ready?


I was obsessing on the necklace they gave me last February that I wore it almost every day up until today. haha! I was so happy when Sabrina told me that she's giving me a ring to pair with my necklace. I got to wear them during Fashion Forward since Sabrina had a pop-up stall during the event too. If you are looking to buy one, visit @samjewelrydesign on Instagram now. ✨


When Sophia contacted me last January for a Cabin Zero collaboration, I was kinda hesitant because I know this bag is bigger than my life. Haha! I checked the website and I originally opted for the MILITARY 44L - LIGHTWEIGHT CABIN BAG - DESERT SAND well duh, because of the color, however, it wasn't available so I went for the Classic 28L Ultra-Light Cabin Bag in black. There are a lot of reasons why you need a Cabin Zero bag in your life but I'll leave that on a separate post. I'm traveling this 19th and I can't wait to use this. Any guesses where? :)


This is my first ever Bluetooth headphones and I love it so much! I usually skype with Julian with my apple earphones but this is a whole another level. Aside from wireless phone calls, the noise cancellation of this Specter is superb. Plus, I can literally control my phone via voice command. Loving it yet? The battery lasts for 3 days. Sold? Yes! Buy now at Specter Wireless. 🎧

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My lipstick of the month goes to NYX Liquid Suede in shade Sandstorm. I'd say this is close to Gerard Cosmetic's Underground matte lipstick but nowhere near any Colourpop shades. I love how it's so smooth when you put it on then dries very soft, unlike other matte lippies. I got this from for AED 49 which is cheaper compared to (double the price) in case you don't find it in Sephora or makeup shop near you. 💄


This package took almost a month and a half to reach Dubai but it was super pretty when I saw it with my very own eyes. I saw Sugar & Cotton's advertisement on Facebook and my decision of buying these brushes was impulsive. I mean the unicorn handles are undeniably cute, right? but aside from that, these are my first proper brushes. Haha! It came with 5 different brushes in Nylon Fiber (vegan and cruelty-free). The bristles don't hurt my face/skin which I think is a good sign. 🦄


They say a girl can never have too many shoes. Well in my case, I can never have too many hats. It's my to-go cover when I'm having a bad hair day plus I think it's a necessity when you live in the UAE where it's mostly summer. When Call It Spring asked to collaborate with me, I knew I had to pick one of their hats because they have the best one in the market so far. Make sure to buy a cup of Ben & Jerry's to make it more summer-ish. Haha! ☀️


Last 31st March, Dubai Shopping Festival happened and lucky me, my office was just opposite the event so I managed to squeeze myself in a chaotic crowd hunting for the best deals. I wanted to go and shop specifically for Zara but the line was unbelievably long. I found a short queue around the corner and viola, it was Iconic! I snatched 6 items worth AED 40 each and this bag was on of them. I love the details and it's just perfect for summer season. You can either use it as a sling bag or hand bag whichever you are comfortable with. If you missed my livestream on Instagram, don't worry, I'm planning to do a haul on my YT channel after all this madness at work.


  1. Fashion Forward. It's not my favorite event of the year anymore but last Fashion Forward was fun. I came to support Sabrina of Sam Jewelry Design and finally got to meet her in person. 
  2. Booked. Finally escaping the UAE. whew! I'm trying my best not to spill the beans, so I'll just keep this short for now. 😃
  3. "Your shipment is on the way". I'm expecting 3 packages this April and it's automatically going to my April favorites! I can't wait to share them with you guys.
  4. Collaboration payments. I couldn't thank God enough for always giving me opportunities to work the brands and companies who value my time and effort (and pays on time hahaha).
  5.  My Fiance's ootd. Man, I'm so inlove with this guy! Last month, he volunteered to buy a denim jacket. We've been shopping clothes and he's been taking my fashion advises really well. Plus, he poses like he's a Fashion Blogger or something. He knows I love it when he does that! Here are some of them taken by Angelo Melo.

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That's it for March! I'm pretty sure I missed out a lot of things but those are my unforgettable ones. What were your March favorites? Expecting anything this April? Talk to me in the comment box below! I would love to hear from you. 💖