Happy Tuesday! How’s everybody doing?

Do you like taking pictures of landscapes, things, food, ootds’,or anything else? I wanna share a new found app called MANUAL. It’s a powerful camera application with quick & simple parameters. Because obviously, automatic can’t seem to satisfy your shot all the time.

With the combination of the iPhone 6 resolution and this app control such as shutter, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure, it seems crackerjack. So whether you are a newbie or frustrated (like me), this one is for you.

And since a lot of you were asking about my apps, here are the editors i mainly use for my photos and filtering (because most of my pictures are taken via IPHONE6) :

  • Aviary. mainly using it for blemish on high-res shots
  • Snapseed. the bomb-diggity app! using this for selective adjustments, HDR, drama effects, and tuning lights
  • Moldiv. this is where i normally collage my pictures for ootd’s and celebrations when i don’t wanna flood my instagram and upload it in one go.
  • Camera 360. using this for the new “galaxy filter” incase i stumble taking pictures at night.
  • VSCOcam. i don’t think i have to expound this app. AMAZING.
  • Instapic. when you don’t wanna crop photos or just simply crop, rotate it in an artistic way... this is the perf sizer.
  • Phonto. for my fonts! amazing thing is you can go to or, download, and open in phonto. that’s wazzzup.
  • Manual (description above)
  • Darkroom. light adjustments


Let me show you one of the tests i did.

How the camera normally looks like without ISO, shutter, and focus adjustments.


Adjusted the ISO to 750 | Shutter Speed to 30


Since i like the photo this light and clear, i settled for it.


it’s really up to your taste of how you wanna play around with the functions and controls. Easy peasy right?


Comment below for any other app suggestions and tips! I’ll be more than happy to test them out.