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HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎆 Can you believe that January is already over! Days went by so fast or I've just been really busy? Busy is a good sign for the business I guess. This year, declare supernatural blessings in your life. It's time to really step up in faith. To what has been happening in this world lately, it's evident that we need to spread and stretch love. Let's exercise generosity, grace, and faith. 

INSTAGRAM OCD I've been "trying" to curate my Instagram for the past few weeks and transforming it to a brown-ish feed. My feedspiration is Aleksandra- and I tell you, she is goals! This Instagram OCD life ain't easy especially when you have collaboration, advertisement, and sponsored posts in between. 😅

Along with feed OCD goes my clothes palette. Shopping has never been this easy! I go inside a shop and specifically look for white, black, brown, and camel colored clothes. It also helps me get dressed quicker. So what's going to happen with my other clothes? It's gonna end up at SHEDD. If you fancy some of my clothes, please visit my account and help me save for my wedding! hahaha. 💸

FUJIFILM I'm selling my Fujifilm X-E1 for a very reasonable price. I've been using this baby for a year now but I think my heart still cries for Canon. So let me know if you're looking for a new camera! 📷

GELISH FRENCH-TIP First of all, I was promised that this will last for at least month. I barely paint my nails and when I do, I usually visit the salon. Where do I use my nails that on the third day, it already started chipping? I have no idea.

I LOVE MY POCKET I got me some I Love My Pocket shirt early this month. One thing I promised myself is to support local brands this year as much as I can. What I love about this movement is that every purchased pocket is a percentage of donation to a community. Pedro Rodriguez Codina quoted,


SAM JEWELRY DESIGN If you guys are following me on Instagram, you know for sure that this is my current favorite piece! It's freaking gorgeous. 💛 The piece Sabrina sent me was inspired by the gardens of Dubai. The package came with chocolates too. She is such a darling! If you haven't yet, go check SAM Jewelry on Instagram

2017 JOURNAL So going back to "supporting local", here's another product that is founded in the heart of Sharjah- The Manual. I've been documenting my 2017 shenanigans in a different way. The concept itself helps me with my scheduled tasks and upcoming events. I blogged about it! (read here)

DUBAI Seeing this photo makes me really sad. I can't believe that I'm saying goodbye to this country soon. It's been 20 years and I tell you, my life has been nothing but secured and fun here. I'm sure it'll be a big adjustment when I transfer to the USA. You will be missed, UAE.

BEACH BORN PH. Read more on their website. These products will be up on the blog soon!


  1. We are waiting for some papers to get processed so I can get a fiance visa.
  2. We scored a beautiful wedding place. God is good!
  3. We found the perfect song for the bride walk.
  4.  Team Fourte is doing an awesome job helping me out and not turning me to a Bridezilla.

That's it so far. How's life treating you?

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