Galito's story began in Mpumalanga City of Nelspruit, when the first Galito’s restaurant opened its doors in 1996 then, later on, spread its wings globally including the UAE. We were invited to visit Galito's Bay Square last December. Very timely, my fiance's family were here so I tagged them along with me. The place is pretty spacious which complements the working environment. You can definitely feel the South African quirky vibe.

I'm not going to make the introduction long so we can start talking about the food already. 👅

I personally love peri-peri so I made sure to order Peri-Peri Livers for appetizers. The tasted didn't impress me that much but I'd still rate it 3.5/5 because of the sauce. The liver tasted very strong for me. My favorite tho was their Grilled BBQ boneless chicken thigh boneless with dry apricots and served with creamy barbecue dip. When I say creamy dip, I really meant creamy that it complemented everything I dipped in it. I'm surely ordering that again; rating it 5/5.

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Now for the main gains, we ordered Chicken Burger with Chips. The patty was cooked deliciously and beautifully layered with lettuce, mayo, tomato, pickles and oh look at that cheese. Yum! This was done well guys and here's a 5/5 for that. Another one of the platters was Chicken Strips & Rice. The strips were grilled not fried on a bed of spicy rice with their secret yogurt mix and mayo sauce. If the flavor isn't too strong for you, Galito's offer different Peri Peri sauce and can go up to  "extra hot". Rating this 4/5!

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Now now, for my favorite part- the 1/2 Chicken with two sides (corn cub and chips). First, the chicken was very juicy however it did not absorb a lot of sauce so an extra dip will come in handy. The corn on the cub and chips added flavors to it too. Overall, it's 4/5 for me. Everyone liked it and it was gone after 5 minutes- I guess no complaints on that. 😜

That didn't look too much but it was heavy on our tummy. The portions were big and filling and platters were definitely for sharing. With that said, we only ordered one dessert which was the Double Chocolate Fudge Cake. I guess we do always have a room for dessert don't we? Thanks for the sweet treat Galito's.

Overall, it was a great time with the family even though the jet lag was kicking in for them. We enjoyed our time catching up given that it was the first time Mami and I met; it was definitely memorable. In case you're planning to visit, I suggest come during the day to get the perfect lighting if you like taking pictures of your food. But if you just wanna eat your heart our, come anytime. They are happy to serve you!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Disclaimer: This food review is sponsored by Galito's, and all opinions are solely my own. 🙂