"Hey hunnie, I have a food review next week!"and his response would always be, "I wish I was with you."

Well, my food review last July 10, 2016, was extra special  because I got to spend it with him. Julian and I were invited by Fume Eatery at their Manzil Downtown branch for a brunch date. We got there at exactly 12 noon and the Restaurant Manager introduced us to everyone.

Let's talk about interior; industrial with a touch of vintage and mismatched materials. From chairs to chandeliers and utensil canisters, it may look very random but it's oh-so-very detailed. It reminds me so much of the 90s' and cafeterias around the streets but with a touch of sophistication.


Everything was set-up for us and we sat on the corner overlooking the boulevard and Burj Khalifa. They gave us a set-list of food we'll be devouring so all we had to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy the day. We took that chance to take pictures around the place and obviously a very cheesy shot. Oh you know, #relationshipgoals while sippin' on some fresh pineapple juice (Julian's) and iced coffee (mine).  See a huge difference there?

First on the menu: Starter obviously.  *including price for readers' reference*

Crispy duck with watermelon & cashew salad with hoisin sauce. It wasn't amazing but it was not bad either. It was our first time eating watermelon with sauce so it was sweet and sour at the same time in a weird way. I'm also not a fan of ducks because it has an after-taste. To be honest, I will reconsider eating it. AED 79

Steak Tartar, slow-cooked organic egg. This tasted like "sisig" for me for y'all Filipino readers out there! You can definitely taste the rawness of the meat and I personally loved it. AED 62

Fried Calamari in Thai chili sauce with fresh lime. This was our favorite given that it was seafood (and we were both semi-allergic). The combination of the sauce and lime extract the "fishy" or "clammy" taste and scent of it. AED 50

IMG_9325 IMG_9332 IMG_9346

That was just starters. Let's proceed with the Main Course, shall we?

Hot smoked Norwegian salmon in teriyaki sauce & pickled cucumber. If you are a new reader, salmon is my most cherished dish. May it be topped with black pepper, oven-baked, or even fried; I don't care. Salmon is life just like how other people see bacon as "need". This salmon right her raised the bar high. AED 89

Pulled beef brisket bun, vinegar slaw. Julian devoured this because he loves burgers. The buns were soft and the meat was really juicy however it was quite a mess eating it. It tasted really good but it was too sweet for him unlike other briskets and it didn't really have the burger feels. Overall, he would rate it 7/10. AED 69

Honey & chill marinated chicken. I mean, who doesn't like chicken especially when it's marinated! I can eat that over and over and over again. No exaggerations, just really good. AED 82 for half kg

Side: Smashed potatoes, creme fraiche, capers & veal bacon. YUM AED 48


But wait, there's more. We won't let dessert pass and like what everyone says (yes, even the gym enthusiast ones haha), there's always room for dessert. Or, always make room for dessert. There's no better way to describe desserts than "go taste it for yourself."

Date & banana pudding with custard and vanilla ice-cream. We didn't have a chance to take picture of this because it was good. We were savoring the moment. Sorry. Haha. AED 46

12 inches of pleasure, salted caramel chocolate Eclair. Yo! We are talking about 12 inches here. We purposely kept the half-inch for takeaway because IT. WAS. SUPER. GOOD. AED 49

Monster Shake - Bronut (chocolate brownie, Nutella & marshmallow). AED 52

IMG_9404 IMG_9409

We love Fume Eatery and I'm sure you guys will love it too! They have two locations here in Dubai: Downtown Dubai and Pier 7. Make sure to visit and don't let this blog just be a blog. Let it be an experience too. If you ever visit them, let me know or bring me with you!

Find them on: Instagram - @fumedubai

Disclaimer: This review and brunch-date are fully sponsored by Fume Eatery Dubai. All opinions are solely my own. :)