It's been a while since I posted a full outfit of the day so this one turned the table of food and product reviews. The weather is a bit tricky in the UAE because you can't fully claim it's winter when 20° is actually a fall season on the other part of the world. So I guess the key to dressing up for this season is "Balance". It's cold during early morning but it gets warmer around noon.

For today's look, I paired my LC Waikiki chiffon top with New Look's high boots.

Accessories: I'm currently obsessing over this necklace that I got from Lovisa Middle East. My fiance gifted me a Pandora bracelet with a and Beauty and the Beast charms along with it. I don't think I'm ever gonna take it off. I love that my The Rubz Arabia bracelet match my pandora rose-gold lock. I've been using this Charming Charlie handbag just because it fits my life. Haha! Can you relate ladies?

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Chiffon tops can be tricky since it's too thin and I'm pretty sure it'll be chilly in the next coming days. I personally love chiffon tops since it's super comfortable so I bring a scarf with me when it gets cold. Layering is another key!

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Happy Wednesday you guys. I'm so grateful for God's faithfulness in my life. Few more months till we say "I do" and I'm more than excited! What are you grateful for?

Photos by Mark Cordero