capt by Daryll Borja How can you even say no when Garage Clothing asks you to attend Redfest DXB? So yep, just last Thursday, we made our way to Dubai Amphitheater for a two-day epic Music Festival. We finally met Kim of and Bianca of and they are the cutest sisters ever! Spending time with them for 3 days didn't disappoint. It's just so fulfilling to meet people who share the same drive and passion. Our girl's bonding and pizza night will definitely be missed!

Speaking of #ootd, we were dressed by Garage Clothing to represent them at the festival. I expect that it'll be super cold so I made sure to pull out some bomber jackets. Truly, it was 13° that night and it rained. Sucks that we can't bring SLR inside and iPhone camera is horrible at night. If you are following me on Instagram, whatever happened the first day was documented! In case you missed it, no worries, my vlog got you!

I paired my black bomber jacket with black jeans and  a statement shirt that says, "I like boys who are in bands." My fiance is in a band so yes, that's him. Number 1 fan right here! ❤️️😆  Wore comfy black boots from Forever 21 and made sure that my hat and bag match in color to add a little contrast to it. Can I pass as a Hillsong singer already? Hahaha. That's how Julian described this outfit.

Concert ready! 🎤

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I will be styling my other picks from Garage Clothing so watch this space. Also, my weekly vlog will be up soon so don't forget to subscribe on my Youtube Channel. Thank you!
Garage Clothing Bomber Jacket | Garage Clothing Pants | Garage Clothing Sling bag | Forever21 Boots
Forever21 Statement shirt | Forever21 Fedora Hat | Beach City Sunnies
Disclaimer: This outfit is sponsored by Garage Clothing as their Brand Ambassador.