IMG_1971 HAIR COLOR ACHIEVED! Finally bidding goodbye to blonde hair! I am now a granny with my ash grey/deepbrown ombre by Sevelin Beauty. I've been itching to change my hair color last year but my schedule did not permit me plus I'm trying to not kill my hair. It is beautiful and thick like what most Salon says but i can't take advantage of that. Ash grey will stay for a while because I am digging it so much! If you haven't yet, check Sevelin and their awesome offers/promos.

FOOD COMA AT BERTIN. Saturday morning, we had our brunch/food review at Bertin Bistro (review to be posted). Safe to say, we had a sumptuous day and food coma indeed. Ordered from breakfast, lunch, to dinner menu plus crazy sweet deserts on the side. We obviously made the place a mini photoshoot, and end up eating our food a bit cold because you know, picture picture.

KSWISS. Another collab and partnership with KSWISS is on the way as they release their 2016 collection. Salman is so generous to spoil us with some goodies and I had to do a photo-shoot because i cannot wait to wear them. This will be up on the blog soon so stay tuned!

FRIENDS. It's been a while since I hang-out with these bunch because of busy schedule and some other reasons. After few months of not being able to join there shenanigans, I'm happy to hang and eat dinner with them again; didn't even feel like a month gap of not seeing each other. So good to hear that everyone is doing well healthy. Hopefully, the next tambay is not next year!

Q1. Guys, if you live in Dubai.. you have to do this. If you're not from the UAE, plan a trip or visit, and make sure this is in you bucketlist. Because this place is insanely amazing I did not want to go home. Their service from reception til the very end was very hands-on, I could probably do it everyday.

SURAT. Kuya Kenneth, the creator of surat journals is flying back to the Philippines and will be there for quite some time. :( So sad but it's definitely not a goodbye. I will miss ordering journals from here. I'm sure he'll do great wherever God is leading him. Kuya Kenneth, go for gold and keep in touch.

2016 JOURNAL. Unfortunately... i'm breaking my Starbucks journal record. :'( Can't even. I've been using SB journal since 2011 and there was no one available to get it for me. Most of my friends visited different countries and if they did travel to Philippines, it was only a quick trip and the stamps aren't enough to get me that journal. HUHU. But i got me some Moleskin which is pretty too.

CIELO. My winner from the Garage giveaway went shopping spree last Wednesday with her friend, and i bet she had a good time. Cielo sent me this picture and I remember the first time i shopped at Garage; I was definitely happy. Congratulations again, Cielo.

BY PARKERS. My second home, Parkers. So blessed to have such a good relationship with them that I get to eat for free whenever I visit. Not bragging about it, but just really appreciating how they value people. Russell and I met during my first review of Parkers, and from then on we kept in touch and booked them in at Bounce, and til this very day, we're definitely good friends.

If you're looking for the best restaurant in town, this is the place to be. I'm not even kidding.

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