There’ so much to write about 2017 but if I were to translate it into few words, it’ll be God is forever faithful. Last year was the time when God really equipped me to be a more faithful servant to Him. It was also the time when God stretched my patience in waiting and to focus more on hearing His word than to focus on what the world was offering.

There were ups and downs for sure, but it surely was a great year! Here's a breakdown of the memorable things that happened:

1. entered the year engaged with the love of my life
2. celebrated 1st Anniversary (dating) with Julian
3. collaborated with big brands I truly love
4. Julian visited during the summer
5. traveled to Armenia;
6. first snow experience
7. applied for my fiancé visa petition
8. got featured at Illustrado Magazine [ Julian and I's Love Story ]
9. got featured at Khaleej Times [ Filipino Influencers ]
10. quit my job to pursue my passion best decision ever)
11. worked with the most generous and kind-hearted clients
12. ENC Sharjah empowerment
13. received prophecies upon prophecies that I'm really excited about.

During 2017, I had so many realizations about life as well. I had moments of depression, and it was really hard to get back up. One day I'm okay, I'm confident; the next day, I cried myself to sleep. There were days where I was really on the high of life and there were days where I just wanna curl up in bed because of anxiety. But God never left my side, He promised good, pleasing, and perfect will and I held on to that even when I was hurting. So now, I'm here; carrying a stronger faith in me this 2018.

This 2018, I decree and declare blessings upon blessings, breakthroughs upon breakthroughs, encounters upon encounters, revelations upon revelations, more of God, and less of me. I don't know what and where God is going to lead me this year but I will sing His praise wherever that may be. And if I face situations that are out of my hand, even when it hurts, I will praise Him. If the stars are made to worship, so will I.

Here are some of the goals for this year:

1. Be more loving
2. Practice Simplicity; I don't need a lot of things * repeat 10x*
3. Invest in more important things and invest time in people who will do the same
4. Save!
5. Eat right and workout regularly
6. Cut unnecessary spends
7. Be more consistent with blogging and vlogging
8. Complain less.

2018 are for people who know how to love, who knows peace, and who knows kindness. It's time to burn bridges that connect my life to people and things that drag me down and corrupts positivity.

2018 will be my last year in the UAE, and I'm excited to move forward in life with Julian. This year is going to be a great year for us. I am hopeful and excited for the next chapter in my life because I know I'll get to spend it with my person. I'll surely miss my family; they are everything to me. So UAE better fixes SKYPE or else, idk. haha!

Anyway, that's it I guess. There will be more personal posts this year so if you feel like connecting with me, stick around. Happy New Year to every single one of you. And lastly, I appreciate you.