R E A D I N G Absolute Surrender. If Berlin Art Parasites poem is considered as reading, then yes, I've been munching on every single word.

W R I T I N G I've been writing poems and haiku. It's nothing new actually since I've been doing that since before. I love how one of my surat journals is just full of poems of my everyday encounter with life and its in between. I might share some soon. Do you guys want to read few of them? :)

L I S T E N I N G Magic's cover. Every time I open my youtube player, there are suggested songs that I listen to almost every day and that's "Can't Help Falling In love With You" that Magic covered.

T H I N K I N G ...

S M E L L I N G Calvin Klein's Eternity. This is my perfume for 2 years now and I got my first one for my birthday. The scent is very addicting I tell you. So if you're wondering how I smell, check it out.

W I S H I N G I don't go broke every end of the month. Haha, but seriously. I need to save save save more. There are a lot of things going on and handling money is one of the things I really need to be tight on.

H O P I N G Winter lasts for 4 more months and not end soon. The weather is so weird lately. It's super foggy in the morning and it goes from 13 degree Celsius to 20 degrees in just a snap. Suddenly, I'm sweating. Really Dubai?

W E A R I N G Ria Maria Crush. Gosh, her collection is to die for. Ria is a teenager he put up her own store in the heart of Al Qouz. If you are in Dubai, you should check it out!

L O V I N G My new customized marble case and power bank from The Kase. I'm gonna post a review about the quality of the case and the battery life of the power bank. Both are impressive so far.

W A N T I N G For everything to be okay.

N E E D I N G God's presence in my everyday life. I know I can hold on to God's promises.

Oh, and a new photographer.

F E E L I N G Blessed. There are so many collaborations and sponsorship happening right now on my blog and I couldn't be thankful enough for all these brands who are trusting me.

C L I C K I N G NETFLIX Thank you for being available everywhere. I am enjoying How To Get Away With Murder and some other old cheesy movies I haven't seen before.

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