I'm rejoicing as I type because I'm finally writing my September Favorites. September went like The Flash but I ain't complaining because it means Julian is flying back to Dubai very very soon. Yay *confetti*  🎊 Saying hello to October now even though this post is 8 days delayed. Better late than never! This is going to be a very short haul but definitely worth it so read on. You know I don't really write a lot so you'll be fine.


I knew I needed one when I visited Kyrgyzstan. My old plastic sleeve was not cooperating during passport control and it gave the gentleman the hardest time of his life removing my passport cover. So when I saw Kuya Kenneth's post about the sleeve, I didn't think twice. I got the sandy brown of course, just because it's brown. No further explanations needed.

If you guys have been following me for quite some time now, you know that I own about 5 Surat Journals. There are few collections available (and He only has 1 of each) in the sandpit now - if you're interested, do drop me an email and I'll hook you up! There's a photo attached below for your reference. For the passport sleeve, feel free to contact me!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. I just love supporting handmade local brands. 


I love poetry - that means I love Lang Leav to be specific. When I was in high school, we were taught how to write haikus and tankas.  It was a legit requirement/project in English to pass the semester. While most of them had a hard time writing 50 poems, I noticed that it came out naturally for me. I still write in my journal even up till now. I remember when Julian and I started liking each other's photos on Instagram, I used to caption haikus on my photos.

"Nothing I take lightly. Gasp* I felt the universe."

This was when we first said I love you to each other. Deep right? Haha I'm laughing right now. 💕

It was a month of waiting (patience is a virtue)  and it finally arrived, thanks to Jassim. It was a struggle to order her book from here because it's usually sold in Asia first or online which was both a no-no option for me. I'm skeptical about small packages getting delivered internationally and just scared that it might get lost along the way. Well, it's here now so I'm happy. Here's my favorite piece:


Once I was running,from all that haunted me;to the dark I was succumbing-to what hurt unbearably.

Searching for the one thing,that would set my sad soul free.

In time  I stumbled upon it,an inner calm and peace;and now I am beginning,to see and to believe,in who I am becoming-and all I've yet to be.


Here's to save me  from minimalistic journaling. This book  consists over  a hundred illustration of photos that will help you learn the basics of journaling. Well in my case, illustrating it.  If you don't know who Abbey Sy is, pause and check her website now. She's an artist based in the Philippines who loves sharing her passion in calligraphy and lettering. She's now making her way to the top with another book to be published soon. How is she so creative?

Do you think I should do a  Top 10 Favorite Page  from her book and my inspo version out of it? Maybe I should, right?

Thank you for this, Kieth. A month wasn't too long. NOT. Haha! Thanks for the effort.


I started journaling  in 2011. That's my go-to for everything when it comes to schedules, devotions, plans, and whatnot. I even have a legend to identify and categorize things. It was 2015 when I found out about the Bullet Journal website. I'm not gonna explain much about BuJo but you can go check out their website if it interests you.Hey, it's actually a thing! They made journaling look so easy and complicated at the same time. I discovered Leucchturm and Moleskine (not even dotted yet - i used blank and graphed) at Borders before Kinokuniya became a hit. Now, there are dotted journals everywhere and I happened to find one at Muji, Dubai Mall. It was white and perfect for my 6th Bujo.

I already finished my Rose Gold Moleskine - Dotted Journal. That was a separate BUJO for work and I can't believe I used all 50 pages! (and that was an excuse to buy me another notebook - mwehehe). I didn't wanna get another Leucchturm 1917 just because I already have two.

Like what I said, Bujo doesn't help me with my OCD. I usually don't organize my stuff especially my clothes but when it comes to journaling, I take it seriously. Hence I don't draw or illustrate much on mine. I keep it black, lined, and indexed; that's how I prefer it. That is also the reason why I don't share about it much online because it is minimal - also given the fact that most of the stuff I write are personal. But I think I gotta try and learn to get out of that comfort zone a little bit and maybe put a little color here and there. Let's see. I doubt but let's see.

Oh, and pens of course. That part is very crucial. Here's mine: Gtec .4 | Fabe-Castell Pitt Artist Pen | Staedler Calligraphy Pen | Itoya double-header calligraphy marker


Looking for a solution for oily skin? This won't disappoint. I've been using Lush Cosmetics since forever now and it was only last month when Buzzfeed posted about Lush's Dark Angels.I have an oily face and it annoys me a lot. Imagine seeing yourself glowing in pictures? No babe, it's not the highlight coz the glow is all over my face. I knew I needed to find something effective - and Lush is the answer. Very timely that they recently opened their flagship store at Citywalk, Dubai. Go check it out and treat yourself.


I think I'm loving the vegan life. LOL not fully but I'm addicted to Muncherie's drinks. I crave for it constantly because it does taste so dang good. This is for the health freaks out there. I'll be honest, I can't really explain further about that lifestyle because I'm still learning and contemplating if I can actually adapt. I need some motivation here because I seriously need to lose weight! Ever since I had my ankle injury, I cut intense workout and I eventually lost it. I need to get back but I suck at cardio. Any tips you guys?

So those were my September products and I hope you guys liked it as much as I do. It's the season for fashion now so expect more fashion shoots and lesser food reviews. I'm on a roll for photoshoots this week and I'm excited to share with you what my favorite picks are for October. I can feel winter coming too! I'm not a fan of the cold but that means I'm welcoming "layering" to my wardrobe. Yay!

What was your favorite stuff from last month? Care to share? Let me know!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored my any product and all opinions are solely my own. 🙂Photo and Edit by: Me via Canon 70D / Lightroom Edit