One of the things i thought of looking back before starting new goals this year 2016, was my blogging career. Wait, is it really my career? I started a personal blog in tumblr way back 2008 and I eventually followed bloggers like Camille Co, Krizzy Uy, Camie Juan to name a few. In my head i was like, “Hey! I want that too!” but it was just all in my head during that time because there was no time management. After few years, I started working at Bounce Middle East and I met The Dubai Desert Twins (known top bloggers in Dubai); and they happen to be the reason why I started Set up my blog - picture here and there - write - post - voila. Boy, I felt like a superstar. is up for almost a year now and here’s my realest opinion about it: Why Blog. It wasn’t just about posting pictures and feeling pretty. It’s not about beating everyone's number of followers and nth comments. It’s about being genuine. Being true to the things you share, the opinions you state, and learning from others.

It’s not easy. It needs commitment. If you think it’s all about posting pictures and feeling pretty, read on... no. There’s more to it than that. They have this view that bloggers, fashion bloggers to be specific, are always fab and glam 24/7. Honey, i still go out without make-up and in peejays.

The freebies and perks - Yes, free stuff is fun but you won’t get anywhere if you focus on just receiving. It takes full on energy and time to wake-up early, set up the clothes to wear for the blog, edit, write-up the experience, and publish it with love. It’s not easy! There were gazillion pictures to grasp that blog-worthy shot. You have no idea how many #flatlays were taken to exclude the shadow blocking that food. In all honesty, i’ve been slacking but the main reason why i looked back is to realize this. If I’m serious about this, i gotta commit. Oh and getting paid? never expect moolahs or else you’ll be frustrated. Having a day-job (full time) gets in the way of managing your time to blog. So before you think of quiting your job because you think of fancy pays, think twice. Unless you’re a Kardashian.

And you see if in the long run, you take this blogging seriously; it will get you somewhere. If you can manage to work and blog at the same time, well i feel you ladies and gentlemen. Eventually, i’ll get there. We will all get there. Just live in consistency.

So to those who asked about “Ate, how do i start a blog?”. Dear dolls, i hope this short post will somehow help you. I am not a guru at this and i never claim to be the best blogger. But i can say i give my best to what i do, so press on.

All written here are based on what i learned and still learning. If you got any addition, please feel free to comment because i’d love to read your insight.

Happy New Year to all!

Love, Marjanne

disclaimer: this post is Camie Juan inspired (