Weather. We can’t deny that the weather is so much better now. I mean, since when it’s 22-degree celsius in the morning (barely happens in the UAE), how awesome is that? I’m so ready to layer and wear thicker clothes. My coats and turtle necks have been waiting!

Trying to lose weight. Ever since I started freelancing, I’ve been eating nonstop; eating unhealthy. I don’t eat on time, I eat out, and I eat a lot. I can definitely tell that I did gain weight and that’s the last thing I wanted to happen. My wedding dress fitting should begin next month, how am I supposed to fit in it?

Freelance work. It’s been 3 months since I quit my job and it’s doing great so far. I’m not always on the highs but when God told me He will provide, He definitely got me on the lows. I’m working on projects right now so I’m definitely making the most of the hustle days.

Dog Walk Volunteer.  I did one of the first times in my life last week and it was so worth it. Seeing those dogs howl for joy and excitement made me teary-eyed. Spending a day with them can really make a big difference.

Online Shopping.  Julian recently shopped for winter clothes because it’s getting colder by the day in the USA. I chose all his clothes and I can’t wait for Him to take pictures so I could show them to you guys! On the other hand, I’m waiting for my deliveries from Romwe and Desertcart + also patiently waiting for Black Friday Sale! YAS.

Georgia and Azerbaijan. If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I visited two countries this year and both are incomparable. Traveling makes you a better person because it changes your perspective along the way. It changes how you view life, how you look at people, and how you value things. 
I’m still deciding whether to blog or vlog my trip but that’ll happen, no rush.

PR Packages.  My room is full of boxes from brands/PR and I couldn’t be more thankful! The recent packages were out of this world and the Pandora #DoSeeTheMagic is my favorite so far. 

Priorities. When i quit my job, I told myself that I will focus to blog and vlog more but life didn’t lead me there. God has been highlighting the things that needs priority and I’m not saying blogging/vlogging is not a priority, I’m just saying it’s not the first. Sometimes I regret not documenting my life on a daily basis, but what God is doing in my life off-cam and offline is far more greater than the things I post. I now choose to live the moment and be more mindful of the important things. 

11 months. Julian and I have been dating for 1 year and 10 months, engaged for 11 months, but only have been physically together for 42 out of 671 days. Love knows no distance and it’s definitely sweeter when it’s the overflow from your love for God.




This should be our last month waiting for my fiance visa petition. We are really praying hard to get it real soon because it’s been a long wait. God taught me so many things during this season and He really is stretching my capability to wait. We are definitely trusting Him in this and we also decree and declare victory to the things that is for us. 
We also started shopping for furniture to prepare our room so I bet you, my Pinterest is on fire! So please pray with us on this. 🙏🏻



ps: have you visited the warehouse sale I posted a week ago?

I still get A LOT of messages everyday about the location of the place and unfortunately I can’t reply to everyone but I did found a solution to solve this. I’ll be sending the location map via email so in order for you to receive it, better subscribe on my newsletter. Hurry! They are only open til the end of this month. 😊

So how’s life treating you lately? Any exciting news you wanna share? 😍
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