Julian and I are seated here at Workspace Cafe as I'm writing this. This isn't really a new found place but we only got to visit last week. I promised myself to give this place a try with Julian and we didn't regret; it's the best work place so far. Plus, it's in Sharjah so it's a win win for us.

Anyway, how's my life lately? If you're interested on a more juicy story, keep reading.

Client Work. It's amazing how freelance Social Media managing is treating me for the past 7 months. It makes me so happy that all my clients are satisfied with the work I deliver. Because of word of mouth, I get passed on to other business owners who are good friends of my clients and work just keeps piling in a great way — more work, more moolah.

OOTD Posts. I decided to discontinue my Instagram pattern especially now that Julian is in town. When I ran a poll on my Instastory, people are more interested to see fashion posts than flatlay/lifestyle photos and fortunately, Julian is around to take pictures of me. I also kept my black, brown, and white minimal tones and I'm definitely loving it so far. 

2nd Anniversary. Julian and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary at Madinat Jumeirah with Burj Al Arab view. We both can't believe that we've officially been a couple for 2 years already and the wedding is on the way. The memory of when we started talking is still so fresh, I get kilig everytime I remember it.

Prenup Shoot. If you follow me on Instagram, I bet you read my "prenup" story posts. We didn't plan on doing one because of many reasons but since he was given the opportunity to visit me, we decided to go for it and agreed to do a prenup that fits both our personality. We had two sessions [ with Aaron Laforteza and Debbie Fortes ] and we can't wait to show the the amazing work they've done. We wouldn't it any other way!

Bullet Journaling. I created an Instagram account for my BUJO adventure! If you haven't yet, go follow me at #MARJANDHERBUJO — and I recently got myself some watercolor paint from Winsor and Newton. I wanted to learn more to level up my bullet journaling skills and I'm really enjoying it. It's my stress reliever most of the days. I'm sharing my February spread so make sure to check it out!

Julian and my Fiance Visa. It's been 192 days since we applied for my Fiance Visa petition and it's truly an anxious wait. I don't know if you guys know how it feels to wait for 6 months or more that could make or break that one thing that could change your life. We're holding on to God's promise no matter how long the wait is. We are blessed beyond measure because Julian got to extend his stay for another month and we are hoping that the visa comes out while he's here so we can go to my interview together.

This is the longest we've been together physically!

Tooth Extraction. I went through series' of operations for my teeth cavities and one tooth extraction and it was PAINFUL. Please visit your dentist every 6 months. Don't be like Marj trying to delay the visit because she's scared of injections. You'll thank me later.

January Favorites. I have so many things to share with you guys and I don't know where to start. But now that I found Worskspace Cafe, I can finally start filming it and hopefully share my January favorites in the next few days! Stay tuned.


It's finally February tomorrow, January felt like forever. Julian and I are looking forward for positive results and we're so excited to work with clients this month. This is also the first time we are celebrating Valentines together. It's crazy! haha. 


What are you looking forward for this February?