MIYO. He is originally Rbee’s cat and we took care of him for 2 days here at home; fed him, gave him milk, and even bought him a litter box. I guess my mum just couldn’t stand how playful he is, and she decided to keep her outside. We do have lots of cats who hang out near our door because we feed them. It was hard to let go of him at first because you would hear him cry, but it’s all good now.

ENC KICK OFF 2016. When all creative team are Star Wars fan, we can transform a normal room to a galaxy with the death star and millenium falcon. We even have storm troopers and led lights, and some cute marshmallows transformed to trooper masks.

YAKITATE. We’ve been waiting for this to open since Street Conference at Al Ghurair Center and I was finally able to taste some good japanese matcha and burger ramen. Dang! their food is to-die for. Flatlays are necessary and because of that, the management gave us a free take-away for appreciation. Sweetest people!

BEAUTIFUL. Julian went to New York last 23rd of December and he took this shot of Delmonico’s and a cab with “beautiful” sign on it; with my name tagged. This made my day.

GARAGE GIVEAWAY. Partnered with Patrick, Ada, and Garage for my website revamp and I finally announced my winner. If you wanna know how i did it, add me up on snapchat my name is BOHOWANDERS. I can't wait for my winner to shop at Garage and spoil herself with some beautiful clothes. Congratulations again, Cielo.

AMONGSTFEW. Grateful for Miguel and Cielo for picking me to be their apparel "model" for Amongstfew. I'm not really sure if i'm already allowed to mention my collaboration with them. But i tell you, they got some dope collections. They only have one store here in Dubai and normally sells on instagram. These two are the bomb when it comes to street feels photography (will post about them soon). So yup, i'm just happy even if this was impromptu and I didn't even fixed my hair. Whatevz tho.

2016 JOURNAL. Unfortunately... i'm breaking my Starbucks journal record. :'( Can't even. I've been using SB journal since 2011 and there was no one available to get it for me. Most of my friends visited different countries and if they did travel to Philippines, it was only a quick trip and the stamps aren't enough to get me that journal. HUHU. But i got me some Moleskin which is pretty too.

NOOR ISLAND/PHOTOSHOOT. Incase you guys don't know, most "islands", lakes, water-ish places here in the UAE is man-made and this one right here in Sharjah is pretty impressive. I knew it was a good place to do a shoot for my Garage x Nike OOTD and i'm posting that next on my blog!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Guys. The feelzzz is right on. I wanted to cry so bad because it was so beautiful and i was singing along in my head with the cast. I didn't wanna show them i know all the words as i was sitting beside a family. Plus, i got a PLATINUM COMPLIMENTARY TICKET + A MEET AND GREET. How real is that? That fairy tale is not one but my most favorite disney story of all time.

"You're my home." Gosh!

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