I'M READY, 2017.


There's only one way to intro this blog— I love journals. I own about 10 to 15 notebooks but I barely write on them except for my Starbucks Journal turned BuJo and Surat Journals.

I started writing actively back in 2010 and mainly writing about personal goals, daily schedules, future plans, accomplished tasks, and Friday church notes. It's always fulfilling to see my last year's goals ticked-off.

I'd say journaling is the best way to organize your day, month, and year. I personally have a lot of activities and it gets to a point where I miss out events & important meetings because of mixed-up schedules; so this is where journaling comes in handy. Given that I'm very fickle-minded and forgetful, journaling is something that actually pushes me to pull myself together. Now that I'm getting married, I have to add a "Wedding Planning" column right there. Phew! ðŸ™ˆ

So what's The Manual?

A local brand (UAE) that highlights a manual function. Unlike any other journal, The Manual is split into 4 journals for quarterly purposes. It consists of daily agenda with moods to go with it. You can either write it on a timely basis or as a summary of the day.

I like the idea that it does not come in 1 piece because, to be honest, journaling does bore me after some time. So now, I'll actually have the drive to finish my first quarter manual and move forward with a clean slate on the next quarter. How cool is that? Oh, and by the way, make sure your hands are always clean. Did you see how white it is? I'm sure you want to keep it that way.

Sawsan, the founder of The Manual, told me that the best part is unboxing. I opened mine today and I love it already. It's so beautiful I wanna cry. ðŸ˜­ Thank you so much, The Manual. You made me extra ready for 2017! 






Buy The Manual here: THE MANUAL for AED 150. What you'll get: 4 manuals (quarterly journal) packed in one box.

But wait... before you do that, I have an announcement. Excited? The Manual and I are doing a  G I V E A W A Y.🎉

On my last post, I mentioned that this will be my last year in the UAE and I want to make it memorable by a "shared joy" and a 'series of giving'.

If you are redirected here via Instagram, here's how to join:
  1. Follow @themanual_ae and @marjanne.co
  2. Comment your answer to this question below:

What is your ultimate goal this 2017?

Make sure to comment DONE on my Instagram post. note: This is an International Giveaway and will be up till the 11th o January. Yay!

Disclaimer: The Manual is a sponsored post, and all opinions are solely my own. 🙂