And just like that, February is gone but you also know that means... monthly favorites! I'm pretty sure you guys know most of the material stuff here because it's all over my Instagram but I still wanna highlight the ones that really stood out. Here are some of my favorites:




We attended Redfest DXB last Feb 2-4 along with Kim and Bianca from Bahrain. It was last minute when Bettina and I found out that we also have room to stay for the weekend. I packed a luggage and a big bag for a 3-day event. Who said I wasn't ready? Haha. Anyway, the event was lit. It was our first concert under the rain with Sean Paul. Demi Lovato and Tove Lo killed it as always.

  • BEAU & EVE

Another organic skin care concept that I'm currently loving. I'm not a big fan of the coconut scent because I smell like a walking bounty. BUT the feeling after scrubbing it all over my body was amazing! Like any other skin care, my skin felt so smooth and soft but this makes it extra silky. The best time to use this is after hitting the beach!


IMG Worlds and I collaborated for IMG World's Instameet. It was very intimidating but very humbling at the same time working hand in hand with their team- in my head, there's no room for mistake. Overall, the event was super fun and successful. I surely got dizzy! Instameets are something that's always dear to my heart and play a very big role in my life because that's where I met people who are now my dearest friends. So whenever a company/client contacts me to collaborate with them for instameets, I'm always on the go! 


If you've noticed, my Instagram is now updated with my #ootd posts. I can finally say that I am more confident now to post on the camera compared to last month because I felt so fat. The pictures were not just working it for me. Then I realized, the more I dwell on the problem, the more it gets in my head. I'm back to drinking my Skinnymint Tea and I tried to do heavy workouts but unfortunately, my fractured ankle wasn't accepting the activity. The alternative is to really eat healthy and on top of that, be confident.I was lacking confidence but Julian never stopped encouraging me. One thing is for sure and I'm saying this again, I need to lose weight for our wedding!


I'm rooting for India all the way. Her eyes are magical and her photos are just out of this world. I'd say Courtney is her top competition but honestly, they are both so good. Are you watching ANTM?


Childhood days straight up! Well, technically my dad's childhood because he collected Archie's comics back in the day and I used to read them too. So when I saw Riverdale's trailer, I immediately looked for Veronica. Ahhhhhhhh Camila Mendez is perfect for the role I tell you!


I'm celebrating my 2nd year as a Dubai Blogger and I'm really grateful to all the company/clients who trusted and continually trusts me. I didn't imagine a career like this but this is what I prayed for. I have a planned celebration along with other bloggers but it's not a priority at the moment because of my busy schedule. 🎈

Last but not the least... wedding update:

We are waiting for the big news and now gathering all the papers for fiance's visa. It's kinda frustrating that the process is slow but I know God is in control. If it's God's will, it's His bill. There are a lot of things to do and sign and fill-up and pay, but we're on it. God is leading this.

So how was your February? Was it as crazy as mine? I can't wait for what March has to offer, really. Let's keep our heads up! Stay blessed and keep loving!