It's funny how Vol. 01 was 2 years ago β€” I was still bohowanders. πŸ˜… I posted a picture on my Instagram last 4 days ago about doing another Q & A of life. I was actually pushing to vlog it but I realize that I don't have the time for that yet. My 30-day notice at work is finishing this 3rd of August, and that means I'm back freelancing again and full-time blogging/vlogging again.

Going back, I got so many questions from Instagram comments, direct messages, and a few from twitter to answer β€” and I'm so excited! You gotta keep reading because I'm answering the most heartfelt question I received.

So without further ado, let's begin.

*from my direct messages*

1. What would you do if you won the lottery? If I'm basing my answer on my current life situation and given that tithes come first, I'd say get married by next week. Then I'll bring my family with me to the USA, invest on a business, and travel.

2. Are you a good mechanic? It depends on what I have to fix. πŸ˜† If it's something that can be DIY-ed and does not require me to put something back to its normal setting, then yes.

3. Do you prefer towel drying, blow drying, or air drying? I towel dry every after a bath then blow dry it when I need to go out. I only air dry when I take baths in the evening because my hair texture is surprisingly better the next morning and it's so easy to iron.

4. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be? Is God glorified?

5. Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas? We barely even decorate the inside. Last year, we didn't have anything β€” not even a Christmas sock or Christmas lights. It has nothing to do with not wanting to celebrate Christmas, it's just my Mom is not a big fan of cleaning all that jazz after months. πŸ˜‚

6. How long could you go without talking? 24 hours. That's it. I think I'd go crazy if I stay silent more than a day. I'm a natural talker and I love conversations.

7. Can you do any other accents other than your own? I'm pretty good at doing Arabic, Indian, and British accent.

8. What's the last thing you drew a picture of? I drew Belle from Beauty and the Beast 3 years ago on my doodle notebook. haha 🌹

9. Righty or Lefty? Righty.

10. Can you curl your tongue? Yes!

11. If you could learn any language fluently, what would it be? If this was 2 years ago, my answer would be Korean. But now, it's Spanish.

12. Can or do you still play twister? To be honest, I have never played twister in my life.

13. Do you like poetry? Yes, I do. I write poems and I started learning to love them when I was in 2nd-year high school. We had a school project of creating a book of haikus and tankas (15 each) and that's when I found out poetry makes my heart skip a bit.

14. Do you have any superstitions? I don't believe in superstitions but I still get scared with all the "bad spirit" talks whenever I'm in the Philippines.

15. Do you love/hate roller coasters? I hate it when I have to decide if I have to ride it, but after the ride, I love it and I'd be willing to do it again! hahaha.

16. Do you approve me and Shaine? If it's God's will. I'd say, love the Lord first and all these overflows will be added in His time.

17. What camera do you use to take your photos which are posted on Instagram? I use Canon 70D, Canon G7X Mark II and my trusty iPhone 5 SE.

18. What's your favorite movie? Beauty and the Beast / Sword of Xanten

19. Would you prefer boy or girl? And what are their names? Did you mean kids? We want twins because two is better than one.

We already named our kids last year around this time actually after we first met. β™₯️

Girl: Olivia Luna-Rae Suarez Boy: Levi Andres Suarez

20. Where do you edit your videos? My video editing is a long process. I cut the raw parts using iMovie, then Julian edits them on After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. We work better together. He's been editing my videos since last year and he's the best!

21. When was the last time you cried? When I took a break on Instagram last month. If you wanna read why I took a break on Instagram, read here.

*from comments and twitter*

22. What's your original ambition as a child? I wanted to be part of the Airforce, Navy, or the Police. Haha! If I'd be given a chance, I'd still go for it. πŸ˜‚

ps: I was an Alpha Battalion Commander when I was in high school. Ayeeee 😏

23. Where would you like to be in blogging 5 years from now? Who takes the majority of your photos? I actually want to be a fully established Business Blogger/Entrepreneur β€” setup my own business and apply everything that I learned from blogging. I'm actually giddy because my business is now in rough draft, Julian and I are working on it and I'm more than excited.

It's usually my brother, sister, friends, or workmate. I have a creative crowd!

24. Tell me about a book that made you cry. You should definitely read Purpose Driven Life. I can read it over and over again, revelations upon revelations. 😭

25. I honestly think you and Julian have the cutest relationship! Tell us how you met. We met on Instagram! ❀️ You can read our love story and engagement story here.

26.What's your major blogging pet peeve? Bloggers: I already said this before, I'd say "fashion bloggers" who do not have an identity. You will know when a blogger has a distinct fashion sense and you will know when a blogger just tries to fit in everything but does not dress like that in real life.

I'm not saying they do not have the right to. I mean dress how you want but please, do not promote something that is actually not you regardless if it's a collaboration or not. But then again, fashion comes out naturally, to each his own. ☺️

Brands: Brands who look at numbers and race.

27. What's your favorite color? Black, White, and Brown.

28. What's the one thing in your life that you cannot live without? My parents. Now that I'm transitioning to the marrying stage, I realized all the more that I need them more than ever.

29. What's your favorite dessert? Churros!

30. Did you ever experience any kind of emergency in your life? If yes, what? I think it was when I fractured my right foot. Everything was in slow motion and at that moment, my mind was full of flashbacks like I was already dying. It actually felt like that because of the pain. It got worst when the doctor told me that if I do not undergo an operation immediately, I will never be able to walk again.

31. When and Where is the wedding? 😍 It's very very soon and it's definitely gonna happen in both of our worlds. hihi

32. How are you?

I had a long pause when I saw this question. I looked back on days and months on how I lived my life and I asked myself the same question, "How am I?"

  • I'm doing well by God's grace. I am definitely better compared to the last time I ranted my heart out here. I'm not perfect but by the grace of God, He renews me every day. Obedience, Trust, and Faith are the best words that can describe my life right now, in all aspects. My quiet times with Him always remind me of how my heart's status affects how I see and hear from Him.
  • As I mentioned earlier, my last day at work is on the 3rd of August and I'm actually at peace. I'm tired of commuting every day under this heat, but more than that, I know that I'm called for more. I am receiving a lot of freelance offers from different brands. God really provides!
  • I'm finally working on the business I want to put up. It will take more time but I can see progress.
  • We are currently re-doing our wedding timeline. We found out that I cannot exit the USA after our civil wedding because I have to wait for my green card before I can visit the UAE again. I trust in the Lord and I know that He's gone ahead of us β€” so all is well.

So yes, I'm blessed. In good and bad days, I praise the Lord more than ever.


Wow! I really enjoyed answering all these questions. I hope by now, you know a little bit more about me like when I said I love conversations, talk to me here. Are there other things you want to know? Do you wanna tell me something? Let's have a cup of coffee β€” my treat. I would love to share life with you!