August was not chill at all. After Ramadan, food invites flooded with a bunch of different events. I also went to Kyrgyzstan for 6 daysyou guys. It used to be a part of Soviet Union and the majority of the people speak Russian. The weather was beautiful! Waking up at 12-degree celsius pairing it with a bowl of porridge and donuts. We explored different places which I will be blogging separately to give you the full feels. Watch out for that!

I've been waiting for stuff to arrive hence the super late post. But it's finally here now!

› Rose Gold Moleskin.The search is over! I finally found it on My Leuchtturm 1917 has only 2 pages left and I thought I needed a new one. Since I won't be writing much, I chose the chapter collection to section my to-do list and organize my social media schedules. This is my third bullet journal but my first time for work purposes.

› Rosegold Miniso alarm clock.My current season's color is rose gold. I knew I had to buy this when I saw it at Miniso. I'm putting shelves on my bedside wall which will be the angle for my vlogs and I thought it'd be perfect for it. Plus, I seriously need an alarm clock because I'm working again and my sleeping pattern is unnatural. I hope this helps.

› Paperchase Fineline refills.I've been using these pens since I started journaling back in 2010. Now all I do is buy refills for it since I don't use all the colors which are way cheaper than buying a new set. I stick to black with all my details but my points and legends are colored.

› NYX Wonderstick Highlight and Contour.I'm learning "how to make-up" as I binge-watch (@lizelmakeup) on Instagram. If you guys don't know her, she's a rising make-up artist in Qatar! And she's very pretty. I wanted to learn how to contour and so far, I think I'm doing an okay job on that, thanks to Lizel. Sorry guys, no make-up tutorial available haha!

If you're reading this sissy, here's a flying kiss for you!

Do I recommend this? Yes. It's super pigmented and it doesn't create lumps on the skin so I guess that's a good thing. It's also affordable which is a win-win!

› Halophilic swimsuit and cover.Yas to my favorite swimsuit shop! Aileen sent me one of her new swimsuit collection [shell-shaped top and bottom] with a cover-up pair [lacey see-through off-shoulder]. I haven't gone to the beach because I feel so fat at the moment. I've been eating nonstop! Though I still calculate what I eat, there's no saying no to food reviews. The holiday passed already so I'll probably hit the beach by the end of this month. Thanks again, Aileen! Check her Instagram (@halophilic).

› Lottie London Brushes and GOSH brush cleaner.Here's a little fact: I barely use brushes when putting make-up on. Yep, I use my fingers. Is that nasty? Anyway, like what I mentioned earlier, I wanna learn "how to make-up" and it's so very timely that Lottie London released their new brush collection. Lotties are vegan and every inclusive on every skin.

Laura from Tishtash Talks sent me the Lottie's brush set which contains an all-around selection of make-up bag essentials with their best selling brushes. You can find them at Virgin Megastore, The Nail Spa, Burj Al Arab, and much more.

Well, I knew I had to take of these cute brushes so I got me a brush cleaner. GOSH is one of my fave brands because it's very affordable. GOSH sprays do not give a weird scent and their container lasts for months!

What were your August favorites? Any new brands that I can possibly try or check out? I'm in need of new affordable makeups!

Disclaimer: Massive thank you to Halophilic and Tistash Talks. Other products are my own purchase *if not stated* and I was not requested to write this. All descriptions are my own. 🙂