This is the time to pause and reflect on how 2016 has been for us— the good, the ugly, and the lessons. I'm pretty sure we can agree to the fact that 2016 has been one heck of a ride and oh boy, it was rushing. This year surprised me with a lot of unimaginable grace and blessings. This is also the year where God promoted me in my status in life and I couldn't praise Him enough for what he has done/he will be doing in the next coming years.

Without further ado, let me share my 2016 to you:

  • Attended Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical. It was a dream come true seeing them perform the dance dinner. ❤️ reference : Beauty and The Beast
  • Julian and I were officially "in a relationship". 😍
  • Celebrated my 1st Blogversary. I started 2016 with a bang! I don't even know where to start and how to thank all the brands who trusted me. From paid collaborations to sponsorship to events and reviews, I am nothing but grateful to be able to work with new brands and still work with the brands I have worked with from the past. I improved on doing videos, taking photos, and recording ads that I haven't done before. I'm actually earning through blogging 👌 but— this isn't easy. It takes a lot of effort and time to be able to produce a content and make it your own. Most importantly, I learned to build a relationship with the people behind the brand and the company. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Happy Socks, Garage Clothing, Club Apparel, Fujifilm, Shedd, Wildwood ME, HTC, etc. Thank you for trusting me and my craft.
  • Got my Fujifilm X-E1. It helped me better my works and craft. I grew to love Fujifilm more and more that I also got to use their Fujifilm X70 which I used for my monthly favorites vlog on youtube. 📸
  • I received my first ever Pandora princess ring and letter from Julian all the way from the USA. 
  • KSWISS #50Love Anniversary. It was an honor to collaborate with one of the known shoe brands in the world. The generosity of KSWISS is beyond the roof not only to their bloggers but also to their customers. If you do not own a pair of KSWISS, why not?
  • Julian and I made a separate Instagram for our story called @_lifebytwo. Our purpose is to not be public and all that but record our story in the platform where we actually met. And now that we are planning for the wedding, we can't wait to document it as well. Yay
  • Attended Fashion Forward and still as a blogger/media. However, I might be drifting away FFWD this year and focus more on Sole DXB. One reason, the weather is ridiculous I can't even stand the heat and humidity. But hey, let's see if it's going to be better this year.
  • #LifeByTwo's first collaboration with Happy Socks! 🍦
  • Being able to organize Instagram's Worldwide Instameet 13 with the help of amazing Instagrammers. It was my first time organizing an instameet and I am honored and humbled to be able to pull it off along with our amazing sponsors. I can't wait for this year! reference : Life On Earth
  • Participated in Garage Clothing's Blogger Of The Year. Another blog opportunity right here where I came 2nd place. 👏 We're off to Redfest DXB this year! reference : Blogger Of The Year
  • Julian and I met for the very first time after 5 months of being official. Wow! The Lord provided for His first trip that we got to do most of our adventure sponsored as well. We also started the hashtag #HowToUAE on Instagram to document all our pictures together. That hashtag brought us a lot of collaborations with different brands and some of them, I had to say no because it was a hotel staycation. Haha!
  • Attended Harry Potter and The Curse Child Book launch at 1 in the morning with Bettina Micu. I also found out that I am a Hufflepuff. 
  • I got back at vlogging. I posted my first Summer Haul 2016 on youtube. No, my videos were not consistent but I still want to highlight this part of the industry. I never really saw myself talking in front of the camera of producing content in front of the camera. I feel like my strength is in photos but hey, I did it regardless. With Julian helping me edit, I grew to love recording the highlights of my day even though I think I suck at it.😛 I'm still grateful because I did multiple paid ads for different clients so that's a win-win!

My goal this year is to do a weekly vlog, regardless if it's a lifestyle story, fashion, monthly favorites, hauls, or anything under the sun. I'm mainly excited documenting our wedding planning. Wish me luck!

  • This year, I was able to visit the country of Kyrgyzstan. A lot of you were asking why I didn't take a lot of photos. The main reason of my visit was to serve God and His kingdom. I was there was to volunteer for the EN Kyrg Youth Camp and boy it was life changing. I got to play and worship with people who sang in their language that I don't understand, but our spirit was in tuned. I would definitely want to come back one day, maybe during the winter next time. reference:#HowToKyrgyzstan
  • Organized Instagram's second Worldwide Instameet for the year— themed FOOD. We highlighted the beautiful restaurant in Sharjah called Paperfig. Check out #WWIM14🍴_PAPERFIGUAE on Instagram for more photos.
  • Read Magazine published my first ever article about Tips on Styling Oversized Clothing for Petite Women. I couldn't thank them enough for this wonderful opportunity! reference:Published Article
  • Being able to work for a company as a Social Media Manager + Content Writer / Blogger. I do me! What's more to ask when you have a regular income out of blogging? God has blessed me with so much and there’s no room to complain plus I have amazing bosses who support my personal blog. Yes!
  • Experienced the desert of Mleiha Sharjah with Club Apparel and probably my most favorite desert so far.  I wrote about it! reference:Mleiha Escape
  • I turned 24. It was the simplest yet the best birthday so far. I even received a box of roses from Julian. 🌹

Julian and I met for the second time and as I mentioned earlier, God promoted me in life and I am now engaged to my bestfriend, my partner, and my answered prayer who was prepared for me 2000 years ago. We are celebrating our 1st Anniversary this January and I can't believe that we were only physically together for 35 days out of 365. What? Crazy. But distance did not stop the will of God for the both of us, and 7000s mile didn't become an issue for us to give up on each other especially with God in our center. 💍

I remember someone asked me, "How sure are you that he's the one?". I answered, "Because there's peace."

It's now the perfect time to expand my answer— I'm sure not only because of the peace God gave me when I met him but also because of the peace that my parents and leaders have when I told them about us. Their blessing in our relationship is a confirmation that he is the one for me. More to that, I know that he is the one because he is clear on his intentions. Our relationship never floated from doubts but flourished in the security with the Lord. Julian never gave me a reason to doubt and he kept me secure.

Girls, prayer does work. Believe that there is someone out there for you. The good, pleasing, and perfect will for you. Don't rush. It'll come in peace. 💗


Happy New Year! 🥂 Believe that 2017 will be your year and let God take control. One goal: Level Up!

How was your 2016 guys? Did it treat you well? What were your favorite moments?