The title says it all! I officially hit my 1 month mark in the USA, and everything has been so weirdly good. I’m only missing the UAE whenever I think about my family, but i’m surprised that I’m actually not missing the lifestyle over there.

Here are some of the latest boring and interesting things that happened over the past month:

  • We got our marriage license 2 weeks ago and we also locked in our wedding date. Wedding planning gets exciting by the day especially when we’re actually seeing progress. I just hope that the place will actually look like how I’m imagining it. Haha!

If you haven’t already, I also posted our Wedding gift/registry list. I’ve had few families who were asking on how they can help us in this season so we’ve decided to share it with everyone.

Check it out here →

  • I just did my first paid collaborations! Blogging and content creation is definitely a different ball game over here. I’m so happy that even the smallest things are being recognized and I’m so blessed that the agencies/companies I got to partner with value their creators.

  • Julian and I received an invite from one of the Hotel & Bar in DC called The Park at 14th. That’s actually my first invite and it was quite an experience, it was actually overwhelming. 😃 We were invited to experience their brunch that happens every Sunday and I have to say, the brunch menu WAS. SO. GOOD.

  • I also attended my first ever blogger event in DC organized by one of the local bloggers. I’m so used to fashion/lifestyle focused events but this particular one was a mixture of all the DC Creatives and Curators. I met few bloggers that I’ve been following on Instagram and met new blogger from around the area.

  • I met a new friend, Jia. She loves coffee and exploring DC — we followed each other on IG and instantly clicked! I also met Maleeha who actually lived in Sharjah, UAE when she was a kid! How crazy is that? Plus, her little Issa is so adorable! Yay to new friends. 🖤

  • My Sephora status is now VIB and i’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. There’s no doubt I’ve been spending bucks on makeup and skincare. At least I get benefits from those points I’m earning.

  • Over the past month, my meat consumption went from 0 to 100 real quick and my body felt the heaviest the other day. I’m missing my daily salmons and tunas back when I did a pescatarian diet and I think my body is just not used to a lot of meat anymore. I’m slowly transitioning again to the pesca-diet. No, I’m not completely going to say goodbye to Chick-Fil-A because I’ll still be eating their fries.

  • I’m reading and learning something new! Once I have more info, I’ll be sharing it with you. I’m pretty excited.

  • Someone from Instagram asked me what’s the weirdest thing I’ve experienced here in the USA and I just have to say it again:
    Why is there bathroom door gaps here in the USA?
    It’s so awkward to pee or do your business when you can actually see people outside who you know can see you too. I mean?

  • This weather is getting in my nerves. Yes, I love the rain but please stop already. 😂 Now I get why everybody says MD is bipolar.

  • Georgetown is my current favorite place.

  • Our friend Angela introduced us to Lavande Patisserie and I think it’s our favorite cafe so far! We’ve tried Coffee Republic (it sucks), Grace Street Coffee (nice place but basic coffee), but LP stood out the most. I'm doing a separate blog about that so stay tuned.

Overall, the past month has been really productive and fun. I’m discovering new faces, places, and favorites and missing my family all the more. October is right around the corner and we’re already packed on schedule so we’re really excited!

Also, how are you liking my USA tones? 🍁

Hope you’re enjoying this series. Let me know what else you want to see in this blog or what you’re looking forward to read! ✨