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Galito's story began in Mpumalanga City of Nelspruit, when the first Galito’s restaurant opened its doors in 1996 then, later on, spread its wings globally including the UAE. We were invited to visit Galito's Bay Square last December. Very timely, my fiance's family were here so I tagged them along with me. The place is pretty spacious which complements the working environment. You can definitely feel the South African quirky vibe.

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A cafe inside a Garden Center? Yes, why not. Roseleaf Cafe is located between vintage merchandise and woodcrafts in the leafy Dubai Garden Center. The view is definitely an escape from architecture and skyscrapers that bring a domestic vibe. It's the perfect place to getaway from vehicle honking - very peaceful and quiet. Take out your laptop and start doing your thing; it could be watching a series, editing photos, or simply stalking other people's life online.

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