What is Right Bite?
A concept that allows you to go about your day without having to worry about your nutritional needs. Right Bite is an expert on nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service. It is dedicated to helping customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through educated food choices, and by providing customized meal packages that are results-oriented, convenient and flavourful.

After few unsuccessful diets, I finally found the thin line between eating a full serving and one serving. Eating healthy is super difficult especially if there's always a 2 for 1 promotion on your favorite fast food/restaurant plus Uber Eats is just one click away.

So when a PR Agency who handles Right Biteemailed me about the meal plan, I knew I had to do it; not just to try it out but to really know what my body needs. We're not getting any younger here so health is definitely wealth! First things first, body analysis. I was scheduled to do a body analysis with my dietitian Maria. She measured my weight, height, mass, fats, muscles, and metabolism. I would show you the analysis paper but the bottom line is I gotta lose 8KG. Sounds easy right? nope.

So they agreed to put me on a Low Carb Diet Program; designed for healthy weight loss and builds on the foundation of a renewed body, but swapping the regular dinner with a lower carb option and boosting your protein intake. It also means that a full serving is not one serving. There is a certain portion in your full serving that is equivalent to a low-carb diet. It's a One-week full package meal delivery with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.


If you watched my instastories last week, I uploaded my daily meal from Day 1 to 7. They say the beginnings are always the hardest. That's proven and tested! I was struggling to drink the kick booster and eat the breakfast menu. In my mind, it was either a sumptuous breakfast or no breakfast at all. I did push through till the end of the day and actually managed to eat everything without cheating. πŸ˜­ I'd say that's an achievement right there. During the first day, the food wasn't very appealing to me. I'm not used to eating low-carb food but I convinced myself that I can do it!

DAY 2 and 3

Day 2: I woke up motivated and I told myself that I had to do it, not because it was a collaboration but because I want to feel confident about myself. Day 2 was surprisingly good and I drank the Kickstarter boost in one go! I also ate on time (every 3 hours) which rarely happen. β˜•οΈ I decided to start going to the gym on Day 3 to make sure that my body is already conditioned for the workout. I was right! I didn't even struggle on the treadmill; trust me, I usually give up after 5 minutes. I think Armenia also gave my legs a boost from walking almost every day. Day 3: treadmill 20 mins / 102 calories. Okay, probably not a lot but that was already an achievement for me. Asana Rebel Yoga 15 mins and 2 rounds of 7 minutes in hell CARROT workout. πŸ’ͺ🏻

DAY 4 and 5

Day 4: I had to skip my dinner but I made sure I ate the right kind of food. My body already adapted the taste of the food and it actually felt like I've been doing low-carb diet for a long time treadmill 35 mins / 142calories - Asana Rebel Yoga 15 mins - 1 round of 7 minutes in hell CARROT workout.  Day 5: I had more stamina than ever and I was actually motivated to go the gym because my body felt lighter. I was able to resist Mcdonalds and Pizza Company! 😭 I couldn't believe it myself. haha! That means there's progress! I don't know but the food seemed to be getting yummier and yummier as days passed by. 😌 treadmill 20 mins / 100 calories - Asana Rebel Yoga 30 mins - 1 round of 7 minutes in hell CARROT workout. 

DAY 6 and 7

Day 6: I cheated a little bit. πŸ™ˆ My workmate gave me Green Tea and I couldn't resist. Hahaha! Weakness. 🍡 no workout Day 7: My last day with Right Bite. ☹️ I remember the first day when I told myself that I wanna get over with it already but 7 days of doing the routine made me love it. One thing I realized, I always have a choice to eat healthily. At first, it felt compulsory but after some time, I was already willing. Asana Rebel Yoga 30 mins - 2 rounds of 7 minutes in hell CARROT workout. 

Day 1: 55 kgsDay 7: 52.5 kgs

Overall, Right Bite is highly recommendable. If you are the type to skip breakfast because you don't have time to prepare, this is the best healthy option for you. I tell you, dieting is not easy at all. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment. If you have someone or something that motivates you, hold on to that motivation. Right bite did it for me. 😊

Rightbite provides everything from breakfast to dinner so your 24 hours is basically planned already. Your part is to have a balanced lifestyle. Question is, will I do it again? I sure would. The thing is, I actually have time to prepare my food and I'm just always being lazy. So part of choosing a healthy lifestyle means starting my day early and preparing my meal. I would take this opportunity to apply everything I learned from Right Bite!

Now, if you are one of those people who doesn't have time for everything, I have some good news for you:

This Ramadan, choose to be energized in the Right bite way. Right bite offers a meal plan that will keep you healthy all month long. In addition to that, each Ramadan meal plan subscriber will receive a special gift made by people with disabilities from Dubai-based social enterprises. You can also avail 20% discount - that means 4 extra days when you use my code RBMARJ.

So what are you waiting for? visit www.rightbite.com now to book your appointment and start a healthy life!

I would like to hear your thoughts. How do you keep a healthy lifestyle?

I hope you guys liked this post and do share your healthy stories with me. Let us motivate each other!