It’s about time we talk about food again in this blog because Cinnabon deserves a space here! ✨

Before I moved here to the United States, I was a faithful Cinnabon customer back in Dubai because who isn’t? Stopping by Cinnabon and buying fresh cinnamon rolls were part of my weekly routine. So when Cinnabon reached out to me here in the USA, it was a immediate YES.
We visited the pretty Dulles Town Center located in Virginia because the mall was super new and we heard that it’s pretty; we got there and it didn’t disappoint. There are a lot of Cinnabon branches so don’t worry about missing out or driving all the way to Virginia. haha!

Cinnabon is all about spreading warmth and sweetness, about happy place and happy tummies, and I’m glad it did just that.

I got myself some Butter Pecan Rolls and a Mochachino drink plus a cinnabon roll set for the family! Cinnabon is meant to be shared with and I’m glad they loved it too.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cinnabon. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.