Confession: I look extra short in a dress. I'm very picky when it comes to choosing dresses because it's either too loose or too tight. I stay away from wearing body-cons since my lower abdomen isn't flat if you ladies know what I mean. What I'm wearing; This dress from Beach City Clothing, was sent to me as a gift to wear for Fashion Forward. I love everything in their store but this Round In Circles Dress caught my attention.

What I like about it: First, it's white. That's already a yes for me! Second, its V-neckline makes my shoulder look broad that compliments the cut-out middle part. It's super easy to wear and 100% comfortable. Who wouldn't like a dress that looks gorgeous on both heels and sneakers?

How I wore it: I gave it a street-style touch for Fashion Forward. I've been wearing heels for the last two years and I decided to rest on that. The overall outfit came out pretty neat. Plus, my sunnies we poppin' too (also from Beach City Clothing)

I suggest you head on to their website now and check out their new collection.


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