Did you notice how the sun sets around 6 PM now? I did and it only means one thing: winter is coming! But before winter, there's "fall" however we technically do not have fall here in the UAE since it's desert everywhere. When fall is expected to be the perfect weather for everyone (not hot, not cold) and you're feeling the "let's stroll in the park" kinda vibe, it's a different scenario here in the UAE. There are three climates; hot, hotter, hottest. We are currently in the hotter period where humidity strikes 40% and the temperature is at 100° Fahrenheit. Fun? No.

Regardless the heat, I'm sure a lot of people have already adjusted, especially fashionistas. No heat can stop us dressing up for the imaginary fall.

Fall outfits call for plaids, fedoras, boots, layered knits and long sleeves, or anything cozy. It's definitely a challenge to layer when the weather is faking but you can keep the groove using fall Pantone.


So for this post, I chose Spicy Mustard. Oh, and I'm actually challenging myself to do a fall series post! SPLASH FASHIONS spoiled me with last Thursday where I got to choose outfits for me to keep. Splash have a big range of clothing and I literally shopped for an hour and a half to find the perfect apparels.

I saw this wrap-around coat hanging beside black and yellow color blocks. It fitted perfectly! What I like about it is I can change the look from a casual day to a formal night. The cut is very low in front so I paired it with a black embroidered floral top to add contrast on it. I was hosting a 5-hour event that day, so I made sure I'm a 100% comfortable since I'll be standing and walking around all day. It was a good day to wear an Adidas superstar.

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I was also with Paul Ramos that day who happened to be dressed by Iconic. And guess what, he was wearing the Spicy Mustard vibe. It was the perfect chance to do an #ootd with this dapper and surprisingly, our outfit complimented each other. He wore a semi-coat and a floral inner t-shirt paired with mustard brown pants and in mandals!


That basically sums up our Friday outfit and I have another mustard outfit which I will be sharing with you! (if you're following me on Instagram, then you probably saw it already!

What's your idea for a fall outfit and which Pantone will you be using? Let me know! I'm interested.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Splash and Apparel Group. Outfits were chosen by me. Photo by: Patrick Caldito