I’ve been idle for weeks after I started working again and my blog almost drowned in silence. But what’s good? How’s everyone doing? Hope you’re having a grand September because in my end, I just worked with Garage Clothing. Beyond stoked and hyped when I started preparing for the shoots and pairing the perf outfit for you guys to see.

Garage is so generous to let me have their pieces on my blog, and wait there’s more... my face will also be in their store. I can’t even. So here it goes, sporting my jersey top paired with a denim jumpsuit, nailing the winter-ish back to school. I’m not really into tight jersey tops as I don’t want my muffin handles visible if you know what I mean. However, let me make this as an exception. The comfy-ness got me. I think I found my perfect pair. Believe me, it goes with anything (shorts, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, and whatnot.)
This look is just the first collection, I have 3 more outfits to go! And with that, there’s an exciting series that will be happening related to GARAGE. So I suggest you stay tuned ;) xx
Love, Marjanne.
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