What’s gucci playa?

A few days ago, we celebrated WOMANHOOD with Club Apparel at Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. Not only the location was fabulous, but it was also my first time seeing Burj Khalifa that close and standing on its foot. So going back, Armani Hotel hosted free breakfast and lunch with club apparel’s Tim Hortons & Cold Stone on the side while everyone awaits for fashion shows from various collections on to casual, formal, yoga, and kids.

Talking about Apparel Group, it is a global fashion and lifestyle brand conglomerate residing on the crossroads of Dubai, UAE. They are hosting world-class labels from around the world - Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Aldo & Tim Hortons just to name a few.

So here are some snaps from the event (apologizing for the picture quality as I was using my phone). Nevertheless, the pictures cannot give justice to how amazing the event was.

 11112829_896477573723779_8053448728559460998_n 10696214_896477603723776_6410845769752686988_n

10995655_896477697057100_8954687825623054863_n  11295694_896477773723759_7155522479157573043_n 11219035_896477737057096_3109324619121612442_n

note: pictures are clickable for a better view and are uploaded on my facebook page, too. click here.

 11209383_896478480390355_2258926175769704859_n11107748_896478530390350_2214484974551792484_n 11139358_896478503723686_8791546090191160517_n  11167701_896478183723718_4695103219545173333_n

Here’s an ootd illustration drawn by the amazing @sarajaps


11259167_896477940390409_3194250416734911988_n 11243470_896477910390412_3591945121412738627_n

11152354_896477857057084_7663495816080341332_n 11204474_896478160390387_8283673057816415068_n

Thank you Apparel Group for one amazing event and a massive goody bag! I am honored to be there and witness your amazing response to Womanhood. Till the next!


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