A lot of people have been asking me what's the meaning or what is behind the name of Bohowanders. I have blogged about it a long time ago but let me enlighten you once again: Boho is derived from the word "bohemian". It is defined as free-spirited with a wide range of taste in music, lifestyle, fashion, and anything artistic. The main reason why this style rubbed off me is because I was never a safe girl when it comes to fashion. Back when I was in high school, I barely dress-up or even put on make-up. A lot of people who grew up with me know this. But it didn't mean that I had any taste in style. Looking through my old fashion sense, I can definitely say I TRIED to mix it up and some turn out really um, weird? Haha! Don't judge me. We've all been there.

When I started exploring fashion, the bohemian style was my most comfortable to-go outfit. It even comes out naturally to the clothes I shop as they are usually fully flowy, lacy, or anything oversized; even my hairstyle goes along with it too. My main inspiration is Vanessa Hudgens and yes, I am dying to go to Coachella. In addition to that, I am a sucker for anything renaissance and medieval.

"Wanders" is derived from "wanderer" which means to travel aimlessly; other words are at random, and in all directions. I might not have traveled the world YET but I just love exploring/wandering/traveling. There's always so much to see! The earth is so beautiful and I believe that when you start to wander, you learn to appreciate things, even the tiniest ones. Take note, you don't need thousands of stamps to say you are a "traveler". Discover your surroundings.

Well, quite a long intro about my website name but now, let's talk about Garage ClothingI'm always so honored and blessed to partner with Garage. No doubt that half of the clothes I own is from them and I must say, I am a Garage Girl #iweargarage. This brand has supported me from the beginning and I am excited to announce that I am part of their #BloggerOfTheYear contest. There's no another way to channel my outfit but being myself. God's faithfulness in my life is immeasurable and I just give him back all the success and glory. This is for you, Big Man!

So here's me doing what I do best: Bohemian Style.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset   MARJ FINAL7

Did I mention that I'm doing 2 outfits for them? Yes! So watch this space because I got another one coming up for you guys. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did. If you like this outfit, head over to Garage Clothing and make sure to not miss their new collection!

Find them here! Instagram: @garageclothing Twitter: @garageclothing Blog: blog.garageclothing.com Facebook: Garage

Shout to out my amazing photos and video by Patrick Caldito and Anjo Mercado

Disclaimer: This post is solely for Garage Clothing.