One word: Sad.

Homesick hit me hard. It was very different from the rest of the small and big celebrations I’ve had in Dubai. I was on video call with my family on our way to lunch and I tried my best to hold my tears because the reality is, I miss them so much. But hey! Things just get better from here. I appreciate everyone who personally messaged me when I posted that short emotional story on Instagram, and assured me that they felt the same way when they moved to the USA for the first time. I thought I was being super emotional but I’m guessing it’s normal to feel that way and I let myself recognized that feeling so I don’t soak on it more.

I’m writing this post today which means I’m feeling a lot better emotionally, tho I’m sick physically. Haha! This weather is getting real and I probably have less time to do OOTDs like this so I wanted to share what I wore during my 26th Birthday. It was a good day to wear something fancy, am I right?

Top: Garage Clothing | Fuzzy Sweater: Target | Palazzo Pants: I Saw It First | Heels: Target
Necklaces: Sam Jewelry, Anthropologie | Bag: Aldo Accessories | Hoops: Forever21