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When I moved here to the USA, I left most of my bags in Dubai because it just wouldn't fit my luggage and I did not want to crease them. Some of them are worn out and have their battle scars from everyday use too. So I knew I wanted a new sturdy bag but I just couldn't find the right one until we went to the outlets 5 days ago and happen to pass by Kate Spade.

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Now that the weather is so much better, we now have an excuse to actually wear a much thicker sweater than the usual. This on the other hand is the not-so-normal fluffy, knitted kinda sweater but a semi-swanky sporty one! I say semi because I got this original Phillies Jersey Jacket from my go-to thrift store and bagged it for AED 35. I was definitely feeling the boujee vibe here. Can you tell? 😎♥️

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