One of the most challenging parts of my routine is skincare. Growing up, I naturally have a combination-to-oily skin so most of my skin care remedies if not to hydrate my face is to reduce oiliness because we all know how unattractive oily face gets before the day ends.

Moving to the USA is definitely a struggle for my skin because it's not used to the weather here. It hasn't totally adjusted yet and I'm starting to see some dry and dark spots around the corners of my face. I can't blame it on the weather because I haven't fully had a decent skincare routine since I landed here.

Vivo Per Lei is very new to me so when I was given the opportunity to try out few of their products, I found it as a way to discover what would really work best for my skin. Since they have a vast range of products, I chose to try the Magnetic Deep Hydration Mask which restores and refresh any maturing skin. It's the unique treatment that really caught my attention because of its rare formula that lifts the product with an enclosed magnet that leaves your skin moisturize and glowy.

retail: $59.95 [purchase here]

I followed this routine with the Charcoal Sheet Mask from the same brand and I specifically chose this mask because charcoal is one of the main ingredients to help reduce oils in the face. Also, my skin reacts negatively to most masks but since I've been using charcoal products for a while now, I figured this mask would do me just fine, and I was right! I loved how this fits and sits perfectly on my face. I was also able to wear it for at least 20 minutes without itching. 

This sheet mask also claims to minimize large pores and extract dirt from the skin which I'd say a perfect way to end a skin care routine to get rid of any skincare stains and leftovers.

retail: $14.95 (set of 5)  [purchase here]

I have tried these products for a week now and I can say that it's really good for skin hydration. It does not only leave you glowing but also looking fresh. If you consider getting Vivo Per Lei products, I would suggest that you get that actually caters for your skin type to get the best result. Vivo Per Lei is considered a luxury brand but definitely affordable in its own way and benefits.

The brand delivers to United States and Canada with maximum 2 days shipping so even the waiting period won't keep you hanging! Give it a try and see the results yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and let me know your thoughts on these products. Have you tried this brand or anything similar to it? What do you think? ✨

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Vivo Per Lei and products were sent to me for free but all opinions stated are solely my own.