If you know me personally, I'm sure you see my hair changes every 2 to 3 months. I started coloring my hair back in 2011. When I say color I don’t mean dark brown or deep red or unnoticeable shades. I meant Golden Brown and that was my first light shade. It stayed like that for a year then I went Ombre Red and Blondewhich then eventually faded to pink. I’ve been dying to get a pastel pink hair and very timely, a salon contacted me for collaboration. Unfortunately, they made my hair super bright pink and I decided to just wash it all off. In a span of 5 years, I’ve never really found a salon that could give the color I wanted until I found Sevelin BeautyThey are located at the heart of Rigga which is super accessible compared to my previous salons in JBR and Dubai Marina.Their service is excellent and is highly recommendable. I seriously don’t think I will try to find a different salon to get my hair done. Sevelin all the way.

no promotions here, just pure honesty.

Check them out on facebook: Sevelin Beauty Center.

My first #sevelined color was Grey and Brown Balayage. And currently, I am currently sporting Ocean Blue Grey-ish Pastel.