I think I've forgotten how to intro blogs now. It's been a while guys but here's a comeback via Makeup Purchases. Truth be told, I'm no makeup guru so I barely get something new and usually just stick with foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, and blush-on. Those are my daily look essentials. Since Julian was visiting the UAE, he told me to take advantage of his premium Amazon and maybe order stuff online that would usually take forever to reach Dubai. These were last minute purchases and I immediately typed "Kathleen Lights" on YouTube for makeup reference! Here's the stuff that I got:


1. ColourPop Lippies.

With lipsticks, I got no in-between. It's always either dark or nude plus I barely wear lipstick so Colourpop is a budget-friendly tester for me. Guess I was originally opting for the Friday ultra matte but it was out of stock when we ordered and this was the closest to it. Guess is blackened purple perfect for evening events and glamorous night-outs.

Time Square  I've seen Corinth of Explore With Corinth wearing this shade and it looks really good on her! This is a pinkish-beige shade on people, but it still looks bright on my lips. Or maybe, I just don't know how to apply it correctly. Haha!

Drop Out Okay, I didn't read when I purchased Dropout because I was focused with the shade and I only found out that it's a glossy lip when I saw the packaging. I definitely regretted it because I'm not a fan of anything glossy. Second, Colourpop claims that their glossy isn't sticky but it actually is (well for me at least). That's what you get when you don't ready fully, Marjanne. Haha! Price: $4 each during Black Friday


2. Elf Makeup Mist & Set.

This is my first ever setting spray and I love it! 💓 I'd say it's good for everyday use especially now that's it's "winter" in the UAE. One thing that would make me say no to sprays is if they are sticky but this one soothes the skin well. I'm not sure how to expand my description but you get me right?  Price: $2 during Black Friday | Shop similar products here: Setting Spray


3. Eyebrow Cake Powder

I've always considered pencils over powders so this purchase was kinda tricky for me. I barely have eyebrow hair and finding the perfect brow kit has been a challenge given that I own 4 brow pencil. I'm surprised that this cake powder is super easy to use. I use Lottie London eyebrow brush as I find it more reliable than what comes with the palette. The lighter tone is perfect for filling in the empty hair spaces and the darker tone is obviously for shaping to get the flick. Super highly recommendable! Price: $5 during Black Friday

Shop similar products here: Eyebrow Cake Powder


4. Milk Makeup

A new product find which I actually purchased last July but only got hold of it when Julian came back to visit. Milk Makeup is the quirkiest cosmetic producer I've seen so far. They really present the beauty of authenticity, originality, and self expression. There are no rules!

Matte Bronzer instantly creates a sun-kissed skin effect on the face. It doesn't look baked nor padded. Just blend it with your fingers and viola! 🌞 Price: $24 regular price

Sunshine Oilis everything. It oils everything in a portable roller ball pen. No, it's not for you to look greasy but to create essential hydration and brightness to the skin. More to that, it heals scars and black spots over time.  Price: $38 regular price 

Disclaimer: I purchased this product in a Mini Girl Kit. Shop similar products here: MILK MAKEUP


5. Regular Essentials

NYX Black Liner Collection Noir Liquidin semi-glossy finish extra thin. It gives the perfect wing and can go from super thin to extra bold. Price: $7 during Black Friday

Maybeline Fit Me Concealer in shade fair. The formula of this product is very smooth and gives a flawless finish. Price: $4 during Black Friday

Shop similar products here: Eyeliner and Concealer


I'm not here to give a super defined review about the products hence the short descriptions but I would like to share what's in my face on the daily. I really wanna learn the different kinds and styles of makeup and how to go about it. Sure, I know the basics but improving it sounds awesome. I need help!

Are you into makeup? What products do you recommend for a basic makeup user like me? I wanna check them out!

Disclaimer:This post is not sponsored by any brands mentioned above. All opinions are solely my own.