I’m Marjanne, living life for 24 years now. About me? Well I’m curly and a little freckled, with a mix and match of rustic things and bohemian feelings. I enjoy reading books and I love writing poems. Playing the piano calms me, and currently creating creative contents for a living.




Love letters are my thing.

Welcome to www.marjanne.co; a lair of fashion, lifestyle, and everything in between including my daily rants and musings. I started blogging in 2009 (Tumblr), and launched MARJANNE (previously bohowanders) in 2014 to show the world how fruitful (if not boring sometimes) my existence is. Oh, and I vlog too!

I am not a safe girl. I go beyond my limits when it comes to fashion.

So if you’re reading this, I am super-duper friendly and available to talk anytime. Feel free to contact me because I do respond.